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Monday, October 30, 2006

NOAH 10/29/06 Results

Successfull second defense for Marufuji on what was essentially a one match show at the Budokan. But the one match received instant match of the year nods, and Misawa looks likely to be the next challenger for Marufuji due to overwhelming fan response to wanting to see the match happen.

NOAH "Autumn Navigation~European Catch" 10/29/06 (NTV/G+)
Tokyo Nippon Budokan
15,000 Fans - Super No Vacancy

1. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Tsutomu Hirayanagi beat Mitsuo Momota & Atsushi Aoki (9:46) when Kikuchi used a backslide on Momota.
2. Yoshinobu Kanemaru & SUWA beat Ricky Marvin & Taiji Ishimori (10:33) when SUWA used the FFF on Ishimori.
3. Tamon Honda & Shuhei Taniguchi beat Scorpio & Murat Bosporus (12:10) when Honda used the Dead End on Bosporus.
4. Doug Williams, Nigel McGuinness & Ares beat Masao Inoue, Kishin Kawabata & Ippei Ota (16:27) when Ares used the Tiger Driver on Ota.
5. Akira Taue & Kentaro Shiga beat Akitoshi Saito & Go Shiosaki (11:43) when Shiga used a cradle on Shiosaki.
6. Takeshi Morishima & Mohammed Yone beat Jun Akiyama & Makoto Hashi (14:38) when Yone used a diving guillotine legdrop on Hashi.
7. Yoshihiro Takayama, Takuma Sano & Takashi Sugiura beat Mitsuharu Misawa, Yoshinari Ogawa & Kotaro Suzuki (25:57) when Sano used a Northern Light Bomb on Suzuki.
8. GHC Heavyweight Title: Naomichi Marufuji © beat KENTA (35:34) with a wrist-clutch fisherman's driver. (2nd defense)


AJPW 10/29/06 Results

Minoru Suzuki and Shuji Kondo both successfully defended their titles, with the dream tag match getting much praise as the match of the night.

AJPW "Shining Series" 10/29/06 (GAORA TV)
Fukuoka International Center
3,300 Fans

1. MAZADA beat Akira Raijin (12:15) used the Shoda Drop.
2. Masanobu Fuchi & Nobukazu Hirai beat Nobutaka Araya & Kikutaro (11:52) when Hirai used the Hirai End on Kikutaro.
3. Ryuji Hijikata, Katsuhiko Nakajima & AHII beat Suwama, Buchanan & "brother" YASSHI (14:53) when AHII used a swandive high-speed huricanrana on YASSHI.
4. Taiyo Kea & TAKA Michinoku beat TARU & D-Lo Brown (10:23) when TARU was disqualified.
5. AJPW World Jr. Heavyweight Title: Shuji Kondo © beat NOSAWA Rongai (19:01) with the King Kong Lariat (5th defense).
6. Great MUTA & TAJIRI beat Satoshi Kojima & Kaz Hayashi (25:30) when TAJIRI used the Buzzsaw Kick on Hayashi.
7. AJPW Triple Crown: Minoru Suzuki © beat RO'Z (23:32) with a sleeper hold (1st defense).


NJPW 10/29/06 Results

Tenzan pulls out a miracle beating 4-to-1 odds in the main event when he managed to pin team captain Chono to instantly win the match.

Kobe World Hall
7,000 Fans - No Vacancy

1. Tetsuya Naito beat Mitsuhide Hirasawa (7:43) with a jumping elbow attack.
2. Super Jr. Singles Match I: Wataru Inoue beat Yujiro (11:05) with the Triangle Lancer.
3. Super Jr. Singles Match II: Ryusuke Taguchi beat Prince Devitt (8:20) with the Dodon.
4. Kobe Explosion Wars - Round 1: Hiroyoshi Tenzan ©, Togi Makabe, Shiro Koshinaka & Toru Yano beat Riki Choshu, Yuji Nagata ©, Manabu Nakanishi & Naofumi Yamamoto (21:20).
- Tenzan threw Nakanishi over the top rope (10:26).
- Makabe pinned Choshu after Tenzan used a diving headbutt (13:40).
- Nagata threw Makabe over the top rope (17:58).
- Yano used the Oni Koroshi on Nagata (21:20).
5. New Japan vs. GBH Singles Match: Takashi Iizuka beat Tomohiro Ishii (10:32) with a sleeper hold.
6. Explosion Dream Tag ~ Bono, Welcome Back!: Bono Tiger (Akebono), Tiger Mask & El Samurai beat Jushin Thunder Liger, Jado & Gedo (8:05) when Bono used a running body press on Jado.
7. Explosion Special Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi & Koji Kanemoto beat Minoru & Milano Collection AT (20:46) when Tanahashi used a Dragon suplex hold on Minoru.
8. Kobe Explosion Wars - Final: Hiroyoshi Tenzan ©, Togi Makabe, Shiro Koshinaka & Toru Yano beat Masahiro Chono ©, Shinsuke Nakamura. Giant Bernard & Travis Tomko (19:51).
- Bernard used a two-step kick to send Koshinaka over the top rope (6:58).
- Tomko threw Yano over the top rope (8:30).
- Nakamura used the Landslide on Makabe (11:34).
-Tenzan used the TTD on Chono (19:51).


Monday, October 23, 2006

TNA Bound For Glory 10/22/2003

Starts off with Mike Tenay & Don West sending us outside with Jeremy Borash who’s with Samoa Joe, and the Samoan Submission Machine is sitting in the middle of street waiting for the arrival of Kurt Angle, wanting to extract revenge for Angle busting him open with a headbutt on Impact this past week, giving Jarrett the chance to claim back his (literally?) NWA World Title. Joe sits silent ignoring Borash’s questions.
Back in the arena and there’s a bit of a miscue as Christy Hemme misses her start, before showing us a look at the rivalry for the NWA tag team championship between AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels and LAX. Back live in the arena and Tenay & West rundown the card for tonight’s PPV.

Bobby Roode than comes out to announce who his new manager is. After a rather long-winded and boring promo, the now christened Robert Roode, who said his name so many times during the promo, than actually almost forgets it the last time, introduces his new CEO (manager) of Robert Roode Inc., Ms. (Traci) Brooks.

Robert Roode with Ms. Brooks VS Lance Hoyt
The usual punch-kick offense match from Roode, with Hoyt bringing any semblance of wrestling moves to the match. Roode kicks out of an F5 from Hoyt, and Ms. Brooks distracts Hoyt buying time for Roode to recover and avoid a moonsault from the big Texan. Roode hits the Northern Lariat followed by the Pay-Off for the win.
Roode sucks. Bottom line. And I won’t say otherwise till I see him do more than just punch and kick in the ring.
Match Rating: DUD

A quick look outside as Jim Cornette and TNA security trying to convince Samoa Joe to get inside and not ruin the PPV.
Back in the ring, Roode & Brooks are still beating Hoyt, till Ron “The Truth” Killings makes the save, followed by a rap and dance in the ring together with Hoyt.

Backstage with Christy Hemme who runs down the potential brutality of the 8 Mile Street Fight tonight, before being interrupted by a midget running back and forth. He’s there for the Kevin Nash Open Invitation X-Division Battle Royal, and can’t find the locker room! Christy points him in the right direction and we go to video package of the Christian/Rhino feud.
Mike Tenay & Don West than show us a video package looking back at the rivalry between Sting & Jeff Jarrett, the Title VS Career main event for tonight’s PPV with Kurt Angle as the special enforcer.
Mike Tenay sends us to ringside where Don West is doing the last minute hardsell for the PPV, and we than quickly go outside where Angle has arrived, and he and Joe are being pulled apart by security as Angle shouts “You want me, You come find me!”
We than go to the Fozzy video promoting the PPV. If not for all the in ring action clips of TNA, the video would look VERY amateurish.


A great opening video for the PPV is shown, comparing TNA to Henry Ford, who revolutionized the auto-motive industry and turned Detroit into the Motor City. TNA, the future of wrestling, or glorified Indy? We hope to answer that question tonight.

Kevin Nash comes out with a big bowling trophy for his open invitation X-Div battle royal.

Kevin Nash Open Invitation X-Division Gauntlet Battle Royal
Regular over-the-top battle royal rules for this one, with a pinfall or submission counting when there’s two men left in the ring.
No.1 – Austin Starr (Austin Aries)
No.2 – Sonjay Dutt
Austin Starr is a Macho Man wannabe gimmick, but the fans love it. He goes toe-to-toe with Dutt exchanging some quick paced offense, and Dutt hits him with a springboard body attack as the next man comes out.
No.3 – Maverick Matt
No more Bentley Bounce for Maverick Matt as he joins Starr and double-teams Dutt with a double back elbow, and Starr hits the swinging elbow drop. Dutt takes them both down with a springboard double clothesline as the next man comes out.
No.4 – Jay Lethal
Lethal immediately helps Dutt out, and they show some speedy tandem offense before the heels regain control. Starr hits a big time springboard back elbow on Lethal.
No.5 – A1
Hey, Bobby Roode was on the pre-show, but A1 actually gets ON the PPV! He hits a big spinebuster on Lethal before trying to eliminate him. Starr helps A1 as Maverick continues working on Dutt.
No.6 – Zach Gowen
The one legged wonder hits a dropkick on A1 followed by a moonsault on Dutt before Starr takes him down with a lariat.
No.7 – Kazarian
Kazarian catches Dutt out of a headscissors, and together with Maverick immediately eliminates Dutt. The brawling continues.
No.8 – Sirelda
The big woman gets in the ring and is met by Kazarian who sleps her, but she battles back and hits him with a sidewalk slam. Starr goes after her and they exchange strikes before she gives him an inverted atomic-drop. They tangle and he gives her a low blow to escape a full nelson! A1 than eliminates her with a lariat before being eliminated himself by a double team lariat by Maverick & Kazarian.
No. 9 – Shark Boy
Shark Boy takes on all comers and drops Starr with a neckbreaker before biting him in the corner.
No.10 – Alex Shelley
Shelley enters hitting a cross body block on both Jay Lethal and Kazarian as the crowd is hot for him. He flips out of a backdrop from Lethal, and Kazarian clotheslines Lethal but Shelley sprays water from his mouth in Kazarian’s face! Starr almost eliminates Gowen, but he’s able to hold on. Shark Boy gives Maverick an atomic drop followed by biting him in the butt!
No.11 – D-Ray 3000
D-Ray drops Maverick & Kazarian with headbutts before reforming his old tandem with Shark Boy and they start giving battering rams to everyone in the ring before eliminating Maverick Matt.
No.12 – Johnny Devine
Devine suplexes Gowen over the top rope and snaps his neck across the ropes to eliminate him. The crowd is hot for Shelley as the fight continues.
No.13 – Elix Skipper
Skipper dives in and takes down Lethal. He hits a handsfree springboard moonsault on Kazarian, but loses his footing on the top rope when Kazarian tries a springboard move himself, but Kazarian gets shoved off the top and eliminated by Starr.
No.14 – Short Sleeve Samson (the midget)
He goes right after Austin Star as Shark Boy is eliminated by Shelley and D-Ray is eliminated by Starr. Samson hits several low headbutts on Starr before being caught in mid air and Starrs looks like he’s going to launch him into the audience but doesn’t.
No.15 – Norman Smiley
Smiley helps Samson and they give Star & Devine a double Big Wiggle, before Shelley eliminates Samson by tossing him over the rope onto Shark Boy & a referee.
No. 16 – Petey Williams
Referee Slick Johnson gets in the ring to take part in the open invintaion after being chased around by Samson, and he eliminates Elix Skipper & Norman Smiley! But Johnson himself is quickly eliminated by Williams. The crowd is nuts for Petey as he goes wild on everyone, and hits the Canadian Destroyer on Lethal, but is eliminated by Shelley & Devine as he tries to eliminate Lethal! Devine than gets eliminated by Starr as they try to eliminate Lethal! Devine tries to distract Starr, but it backfires as Starr catches Shelley running in and tosses him over and out of the ring to eliminate him! The crowd chants for Austin & Lethal, as Lethal hits the full-nelson suplex, but Starr gets his foot on the ropes to break the count. Lethal goes up top, but Starr crotches him on the top rope before slamming him down, and hits a sick brainbuster to win the match!
The problem with the match was that the one minute intervals between wrestlers and the quick pace left little time for all the wrestlers to get any solid showings in. Still fun though, with the whole purpose being to put over the debut of Austin Star.
Match Rating: **

Kevin Nash presents Austin Starr with the bowling trophy, and rather neglects Alex Shelley as all the paparazzi member can do is stand back and watch as Nash praises Starr in the ring.

Jeremy Borash interviews AMW backstage, and they will be looking for revenge on LAX after they injured Gail Kim this past week on IMPACT!

The Naturals VS The James Gang VS America’s Most Wanted VS Team 3D
Andy Douglas & James Storm start off, and Douglas takes down Storm with a flying clothesline before Brother Ray tags in and gives Storm a Rock-Bottom and a big hip toss on Chris Harris. BG James tags in on Ray, and they do a double juke-n-jive punches followed by a double bionic elbow! They than take each other down with a big right hand punch each. D-Von & Kip James get in the ring and quickly slam each others faces into the mat! Team 3D and the James Gang brawl on the outside as The Naturals & AMW slam each other down with the Tower of Doom in the corner, as Storm German suplexes Andy Douglas, who German suplexes Chris Harris, who superplexes Chase Stevens!
Harris tries for the Catatonic on BG, but BG flips out and hits the pump-handle drop! Chase Stevens takes down BG, but gets caught and slammed by Storm with the Eye of the Storm! D-Von takes down Storm with an inverted DDT, and Stevens takes down D-von with a swinging DDT off the ropes. Bubba with the full nelson bomb on Stevens! Kip with the Famouser on Ray! Harris launches Kip out of the ring.
Chase Stevens tries to superplex D-Von, but gets caught by Brother Ray and they give him the Doomsday Device! They than give him the What’s Up diving headbutt! They signal to get the tables, but Chase Stevens takes down Team 3D with a springboard drop kick and hit the Natural Disaster on D–Von, but it only gets a 2 count! Andy Douglas accidentally hits his partner with a jumping knee, and Ray & D-Von hit 3D on him to pick up the win!
An angry Franchise comes out and bad mouths and slaps the no.1 contenders for the tag titles.
Wow, this match definitely lived up to the Total Non-stop Action namesake of the company as all 4 teams worked at full gear! There was really too much to call in this one as things went by so quickly due to the first pinfall wins the match rules that even I had trouble keeping up! I just wondered what happened to AMW and the James Gang during the closing spot?
Match Rating: ***

Jeremy Borash outside Samoa Joe’s dressing room still trying to get a comment from him, but Jake Roberts sneaks up behind him and gets a few comments in the way Jake Roberts only can. The Monster’s Ball is next!

Monster’s Ball: Abyss with James Mitchell VS Brother Runt VS Raven VS Samoa Joe
Special “Guide”: Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Everyone goes after Joe to start off the match, before Raven & Runt target the big Abyss. Raven gives Abyss the drop toe-hold on the chair. Runt goes after Raven, but Raven hiptosses him onto Abyss who’s still dangling on the chair! Joe gets back in the ring and takes down Raven & Runt. Joe tries for the face-wash corner kick, but runs right into a chokeslam from Abyss! Abyss takes down Raven and tosses Runt out into the audience, who catches him and quickly tosses him back! Raven clotheslines Abyss out of the ring and hits a big dive on the Monster, but Joe gets a running start and hits all 3 of them with a big dive over the top rope! And the big man landed on his feet too!
They brawl up the entrance ramp and Raven knocks Joe off the ramp through a table! Runt & Abyss climb up the entrance set and Abyss chokeslams Runt off the set and he falls onto the stage! Abyss dives off the set with an elbow drop, driving Runt through the platform! Abyss carries Runt back to the ring as Raven tosses Joe off the ramp through another table. Back in the ring, Raven breaks up the pinfall by Abyss on Runt.
Abyss hits an Earthquake vertical splash on Raven for a 2 count. Joe back in the ring and he takes down both Raven & Abyss. Joe tosses Raven out of the ring and gives Abyss an inverted atomic drop followed by a big running face kick. Joe misses the Senton, and Abyss tries to hit Joe with a chair, but gets caught with a kick. Abyss tries to chokeslam Joe on the chair, but Joe escapes and gives Abyss a quick snap-slam on the chair! Raven than tosses Joe from the ring as Joe calls for the thumbtacks from James Mitchell! Roberts tries to stop Abyss, but Raven argues with him Raven almost hits the Raven Effect on Roberts, but Abyss tackles them both down. Abyss then empties the bag of tacks in the middle of the ring!
Abyss whips Raven for the Black Hole Slam, but Joe pulls the ropes down and Raven crashes out of the ring. Joe drops Abyss with a clothesline and gives Abyss a senton, driving his face into the thumbtacks! Joe locks on the Kokina Clutch, but Raven hits him with a chair to break the hold. Raven wants to continue using the chair, but Roberts pulls it away from him and gives Raven the DDT! Joe gives Raven the Muscle Buster and covers him to pick up the win!
Joe grabs his towel and leaves, as Jake Roberts brings out the snake and lays it over a fallen Raven.
The match slowed down a bit after the out of ring brawl, but was still a ton of fun.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jeremy Borash interviews a very nervous Eric Young, who has to win his match tonight with Larry Zbyszko tonight to get his job back and get Zbyszko fired from TNA.

Loser Gets Fired: Larry Zbyszko VS Eric Young
After a lot of stalling, they finally hook up. Zbyszko takes advantage with a low sobat kick, and follows with an abdominal stretch. Eric reverses the hold, and Zbyszko knocks down the referee and hip-tosses Young to break the hold. With the referee down, Zbyszko tries to hit Young with brass-knucks, but Young gives him a low blow, than hits him with the knucks before hiding it in his trunks and making the cover to take the win and fire Larry!
Match Rating: 1/2*

Jim Cornette comes out and he’s lost his voice, but he announces that if Samoa Joe gets involved in any way in the main event tonight due to his problems with Kurt Angle, he will immediately be removed from the TNA roster! Kurt Angle than comes out and tells Cornette not to bar Joe from ringside, but before he can finish, Joe comes out and the two immediately brawl as security rushes in and separates the two! They finally separate the two, and Joe yells at Cornette “Let me fight!”, as Angle breaks free and comes after him before the two get separated again.

X-Division Title: Chris Sabin VS Senshi [C]
They roll around the ring in the lockup position before breaking off. Senshi takes control with some stiff kicks. Sabin catches a kick off the ropes and gives hit a dropkick t the back sendinghim to the corner. He hangs Senshi upside down, but Senshi is still able to kick him off from that position! Sabin tries a La Majistral, but Senshi gets up and tries a Shining Wizard, Sabin ducks the kick, but Senshi kicks him the back of the head instead! Senshi in control now using his kicks to his advantage and working Sabin’s arm. Back to their feet and they trade strikes. Sabin sends Senshi into the corner, but charges into a pair of boots. Senshi locks on a body-scissors, and turns it into a pinning combination, but Sabin kicks out.
Senshi slams Sabin and pins him for a near fall. They trade strikes again and Sabin misses a sobat kick, but Senshi connects with one of his own followed by a kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Sabin battles back, but Senshi gives him a tumbling heel kick. Sabin battles back catching Senshi with a big time springboard missile dropkick! Sabin with several chops now, and Senshi charges in, but Sabin dodges him and launches him out of the ring! Sabin runs the ropes and hits a big suicide dive!
Back in the ring, Sabin hits a sobat kick followed by an enzuguiri, than hangs Senshi upside down in the corner and hits a big time dropkick to a helpless champion. Sabin pins him for a near fall, and than tries for a powerbomb, but Senshi wiggles out and turns it into the Dragon Clutch! Sabin gets to the ropes to break the hold. Senshi tries the cartwheel corner elbow, but Sabin sees it coming and gives him a dropkick out of the handspring! He hits a big swinging DDT for another near fall! Sabin tries for the Cradle Shock, but Senshi fights it off. Sabin sets up Senshi on the top rope and tries a hurricanrana, but Senshi hangs on and rolls through into a sunset flip, and quickly gets to his feet giving Sabin a double foot stomp! Senshi covers but only gets 2. Senshi hits a big springboard kick for another 2. Senshi sends Sabin into the corner, but misses a corner charge and Sabin catches Senshi with a big kick to the face!
Sabin tries for the Cradle Shock, but Senshi escapes and tries for the Ki Krusher, but Sabin escapes and connects with the Cradle Shock, but only gets 2! Sabin sets up Senshi for a super Cradle Shock, but Senshi fights it off and balances himself on the ropes as he lays several middle kicks into Sabin! Senshi drives Sabin into the corner with a John Woo dropkick, than goes up top and hits the Warrior’s Way, but only gets a 2 count as Sabin gets a foot on the ropes! Senshi with the Dragon Clutch again. Sabin tries to break the hold, and Senshi lays several elbow strikes into his face, but Sabin is still able to pull out an inside cradle and get the 3 count to win the title!
It was great seeing Chris Sabin serious again after that Jackass debacle this past few months. The two put on an EXCELLENT back and forth title match, and I was actually disappointed that they ended it with flash cradle pinfall after all they threw at each other! I seriously hope Senshi isn’t fazed out now that Sabin is the belt-warmer for Austin Starr’s eventual title run.
Match Rating: ***3/4

Eight Mile Street Fight: Christian Cage VS Rhino

They do ring introductions, but the match actually takes place out on the streets! Rhino enters through the fans and makes his out to the street where he begins beating down on Christian all over the parking lot. They brawl onto a zamboni backstage and Rhino drives the zamboni into the arena with Christian on the hood. Rhino smashes a streetlight into Christian before filling the ring with weapons. He smacks the lightpost onto Christian’s back again, than tries for the Gore, but Christian smacks his face with a chair!
Rhino recovers as they brawl out into the crowd. Rhino grabs a table from under the ring and sets it up another at ringside before Christian recovers and attacks Rhino from behind. Back in the ring, Rhino comes back with a big belly-to-belly suplex before setting up a table in the corner. Rhino picks up Christian and looks to Gore him into the table, but Christian recovers with a crucifix-hold for a near fall, before smacking Rhino with an 8 Mile street sign which busts Rhino open. Christian grabs a ladder and tries to ram it into Rhino, but the man-beast conters with a drop-toe-hold with Christian smacking his face on the ladder as he lands! Rhino goes up the second rope to splash Christian on the ladder, but Christian dodges as Rhino crashes on the ladder, and Christian hits the Unprettier, but only gets a 2 count!
Christian hits Rhino with the ladder again than grabs a straight-jacket out from under the ring and ties up Rhino with it! Christian tries for the one-man conchairto, but Rhino moves and starts attacking Christian with kicks and a low headbutt! The referee helps Rhino to remove the straight jacket, and they continue brawling. Rhino sets up Christian and piledrives him off the apron through a table! He drags Christian into the ring and covers him, but Christian gets a foot on the ropes! Rhino goes for the Gore, but Christian avoids it and Rhino crashes the table! Christian covers him but only gets 2! Christian hits another Unprettier, but gets another 2 count!
Christian buries Rhino under chairs, the ladder, and whatever the f*ck is left, than pounds away mercilessly at Rhino with a chair, before making the pinfall to finally pick up the win!
Definitely the best match these two have had against each other! I guess this is bye-bye to Rhino’s push?
Match Rating: ***1/2

Jeremy Borash interviews LAX backstage, and Konnan looks past Styles & Daniels, and talks smack on AMW for putting out Gail Kim.
Ringside and Tenay & West put over one of the local baseball players for putting over TNA. If it’s called the World Series, why does it only involve teams from the US?

NWA World Tag Titles – Six Sides of Steel Match: LAX (Homicide & Hernandez) with Konnan VS AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels [C]
All four men brawl to kick off the match, fighting to avoid getting their heads rammed into the cage. Daniels catches Homicide with a titl-a-whirl back breaker. Daniels gives Hernandez a drop toe-hold and Styles follows with a knee drop. Daniels with a side kick, and Styles tags in, but Hernandez just picks up and muscles Styles into his corner and tags in Homicide, but Homicide gets caught by a big dropkick from Styles! Daniels tags in and picks up Homicide with a backdrop as Styles hits him with a clothesline.
Styles back in and hits a backbreaker on Homicide and whips him into the ropes, Homicide hangs onto the ropes and Styles charges in but Homicide dodges and Styles crashes into the cage. Hernandez & Daniels tag in and Hernandez takes out Daniels with a stiff clothesline. Homicide gives Daniels an Exploder. Hernandez back in and he drops Daniels with an electric chair drop and Homicide follows with a diving elbow drop off the top. Homicide catches Daniels off the ropes with an overhead front suplex.
Homicide gives Daniels a big vertical suplex before getting a fork from Konnan, and he jabs it into Daniels head before grinding away at the open wound with it! Hernandez back in and locks on a nerve hold. Daniels breaks free and tries a cross body, but gets caught in mid-air by the big man, who flips him into a powerbomb position, and slams Daniels’ back into the cage before dropping him with a powerbomb for a near fall! Homicide back in and he has a bottle of tequila, he spits it and pours it into Daniels’ open wound! Homicide sets Daniels up on the top rope and tries for an Ace Crusher, but Daniels counters it into a big time hip-toss off the top!
Styles tags in and goes to work on LAX, hitting a big springboard into a reverse DDT on Homicide and hits Hernandez with a springboard clothesline. Daniels back in and they take down the challengers with a pair of clotheslines. Daniels flips Homicide over with a big backdrop, and together they send Hernandez into the cage and give Homicide the High-Low before grinding Hernandez’s face into the cage! Styles with a big kick on Homicide and Daniels gets the fork out and jabs it into the head of Homicide. Styles takes a shot as well before grinding it in.
Styles with a discuss clothesline on Hernandez, Homicide with a running face kick on Styles, Daniels with a STO on Homicide, Hernandez tackles Daniels into the cage, and Styles takes out Hernandez with the Pele Kick! Styels goes up the cage, but gets cut off by Homicide, Daniels tries to helphis partner holding on to Homicide, but Hernandez powerbombs Daniels off the top, with Daniels giving Homicide a backdrop off the top! Hernandez gets to his feet and Styles dives off the top of the cage with a HUGE cross body on Hernandez! Styles makes the cover, but Homicide makes the save!
Homicide with an Ace Crusher on Styles! Daniels with a Death Valley Driver on Homicide! Hernandez with an overhead choke-toss on Daniels! Hernandez climbs up the cage and MISSES a big splash on Daniels! Daniels tries for the Angels Wings on Hernandez as Homicide gets a coat hanger from Konnan, and chokes Daniels with it! Konnan hangs on to the coat hanger out of the ring, immobilizing the tag champion! Styels fights on his own, giving Hernandez a spinning heel kick and a face jam on Homicide! Styles sets up Homicide for the Styles Clash, but Hernandez makes the save taking off Styles head with a big clothesline, and Homicide quickly hits the Gringo Killer to get the 3 count and win the tag titles!
TAG MATCH OF THE YEAR!!! This was all sorts of awesomeness!
FEUD OF THE YEAR!!! No other feud I’ve seen this year has equaled to the awesomeness of matches we’ve seen between these two teams! They built up the feud, and the payoff always delivered!
And I’d say Hernandez is easily the Newcomer of the Year! It’s almost inhuman for a man his size to do the things he can do in there!
Match Rating: *****!!!!!

Career VS Title NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting VS Jeff Jarrett
Special Enforcer: Kurt Angle

Due to the brawl earlier, Samoa Joe has been physically removed from the building.
Sting comes out with a more or less new look, wearing red and black long tights, and added some red stripes to his black & white crow face paint. He sort of looks like a Road Warrior with a full head of hair, and what’s up with that freakish left nipple of Sting?
Surprisingly there are some boos for Sting. Jarrett actually takes down Sting early several times with a hip-locks. Jarrett outsmarts Sting several times, out-wrestling and dropping him several time successfully to the point Sting is frustrated. Sting finally gets some offense in as he catches Jarrett off the ropes with a big powerbomb (!) followed by a fireman’s carry Snake Eyes, and a clothesline out of the ring! Sting goes out after Jarrett as the champion argues with Angle at ringside. They brawl and knock over a cameraman as Angle tosses the referee back into the ring, as he controls the outside of the match! Sting gets whipped into the guard rail, and Jarrett goes for a chair, but Angle takes it away from him, giving Sting the chance to come back and brawl with Jarrett up the ramp. Sting suplexes Jarrett on the ramp, and goes for the chair, but Angle prevents him from using it! Jarrett tries to cheap shot Sting, but the Stinger dodges and Angle gets knocked down. Jarrett gives Sting a DDT on the ramp and drops him on the guard rail.
Back in the ring, Jarrett locks on a sleeper as Angle recovers outside. Sting breaks the sleeper, and both men collide in mid-air with cross body-blocks. The referee counts both men down, but just when it looks like the referee would count both men out, Angle enters and gives the referee an Olympic Slam! Angle takes over as referee as the both men finally get to their feet and continue the match! Sting unloads on Jarrett, and hits the Stinger Splash followed by the Scorpion Death Drop for a near fall! Jarrett comes back and manages to hit the Stroke on Sting for a near fall! Jarrett tries for a Tombstone piledriver, but Sting flips over and gives Jarrett one, with Jarretts head landing at a rather dangerous angle! Jarrett comes back and sets up Sting on the top rope for the Stroke, but Sting fights it off and knocks Jarrett down. Sting tries for a splash, but Sting dodges and Jarrett locks on the old Figure-Four Leglock!
Sting fights and flips it over, but Jarrett reaches the ropes. Jarrett than puts Sting in an ANKLE LOCK, right in front of Angle! Sting gets to the ropes and flips Jarrett out of the ring out of the hold. Sting goes for the baseball bat, but Angle stops him from using it, leading to Jarrett hitting Sting with the guitar! BUT STING NO SELLS IT AND HULKS UP! Sting drops Jarrett with just ONE big punch and locks on the Scorpion Death Lock! JARRETT TAPS OUT! NEW CHAMPION!!!
WOW. Despite the boos, the match was actually a lot better than I bet anyone expected it to be. The match told a good story with Sting doubting himself at the beginning when Jarrett constantly got the better of him. Than we had Angle taking control so that the fans wouldn’t get screwed with a crappy finish, and the match ended with a really hot ending, the crowd literally ERUPTED when Sting no sold the guitar shot! I’m rather happy Sting won as every legend deserves one last hurrah before bowing out of the spotlight. Should be interesting to see how they follow this up on IMPACT!
Match Rating: ****

TNA needed to deliver a strong show for their first PPV outside Orlando, and this one more than delivered. The bigger crowd definitely made for a better atmosphere, and they were into everything on the show without burning out. Definitely a must see solid PPV, with a Match of the Year candidate in the tag title match. I didn’t give full reviews to every match, cause those matches were the ones with too much going on to keep up with, as evident by the opening battle royal. I was also giving special attention to watching the X-Division and tag title matches since I knew those had show stealing potential. Check back later and I’ll have full reviews up for those two matches.


Monday, October 09, 2006

WWE NO MERCY 10/09/2006 PPV results

My bi-monthly dose of WWE Smackdown! as I don't follow the weekly TV episodes other than reading reports on the internet.

Matt Hardy beat Gregory Helms with the Twist of Fate
JBL might have just called it right, as this was an EXCELLENT singles match! Probably the best I’ve seen that didn’t involve any gimmicks! Like JBL said, despite being the opener, this match could have closed the PPV as well! WWE definitely needs more matches as quality as this one, only with a title on the line to enhance the atmosphere.
Kudos to Helms also for coming up with a new spot to apply the Shining Wizard, as he crotched Hardy on the ropes, than dove off the corner with a rear diving-Shining Wizard!
Match Rating: ****1/2

WWE Tag Team Championship: Paul London & Brian Kendrick [C] with Ashley beat KC James & Idol Stevens with Michelle McCool when Kendrick pinned Stevens after London hit a shooting star press.

My first look at James & Stevens, and they really do look like a pair of indy workers. London & Kendrick even carried most of the action and kept the match entertaining when they were in control as the challengers really didn’t have any stand out offense. The closing spot of the match was really cool as Kendrick hit the Sliced Bread #2, than London jumped off Kendrick’s back with an SSP leading to Kendrick making the cover to retain the titles.
Match Rating: ***

MVP beat Marty Gardner with a modified neckbreaker

Well this was pointless. MVP looks like Flash Funk, but nowhere near as entertaining. He used the old Elix Skipper Play of the Day neckbreaker finisher in this useless filler match they could have had on Smackdown.
Match Rating: DUD.

US Championship: Mr. Kennedy [C] beat the Undertaker by disqualification when ‘taker hit Kennedy with the US title belt.

Why would the Undertaker get himself disqualified when the referee warned him to his face that he would be disqualified if he hit Kennedy with the belt? And why would the ‘taker get angry at the ref for disqualifying him, when again, the referee warned him to his face that he would? Did he think Charles Robinson was BLUFFING?!? A lousy ending to what was turning into a long, but solid match that had a lot of heavy strikes and some good mat work.
Match Rating: **1/2

Falls Count Anywhere: Rey Mysterio beat Chavo Guerrero with Vicky Guerrero with a cross-body dive off a staircase on Chavo.

Well, they lived up to the hype of fighting all over the arena, but I’m not a big fan of all out brawls right in the audience, even if they did innovate some spots like Rey’s guillotine on the guardrail out in the audience, and Chavo whipping Rey’s head left and right into the audience’s chairs and the guardrail. But I just couldn’t get into it and the finish where Rey hit a cross body off a 6-foot flight of stairs on Chavo for the win felt really anti-climactic. Rey should have wanted to beat on Chavo more instead of picking up the win than trying to attack Chavo again.
Match Rating: *1/2

Chris Benoit beat William Regal with the Crippler Crossface.

Benoit is BACK! And we finally see these two mat grappling greats have a match on Pay Per-View after weeks of Velocity matches earlier this year, and again adding another top notch match to the list! These two are never afraid to stiff each other, as evident by the fact that both men bled the hard way in this one! Regal actually got busted open from a HEADBUTT from Benoit, and Benoit was bleeding from the mouth from Regal’s stiff strikes. These two NEVER fail to entertain when they are in the ring together.
Match Rating: ****

Fatal Four-Way World Heavyweight Title Match: King Booker [C] with Sharmell beat Lashley, Batista & Finlay when he pinned Finlay.

Great match as expected since you had four capable guys in there, and the ending was rather predictable since it was obvious Booker would retain by stealing someone’s pinfall like what he did here, pinning Finlay after Batista hit the Batista-bomb only to be taken put by a spear from Lashley, leaving Booker open to pin Finlay. This was good, but not really the best as far as fatal-four ways go. It would have been a lot more interesting if they made it elimination rules, as I was surprised how only Finlay took advantage of the no disqualification rule in this one.
Match Rating: ***

Overall, I’d say this was a solid PPV, with one definite Match of the Year candidate that didn’t have to rely on any gimmicks.


NJPW "EXPLOSION" 10/09/2006 results

Hiroshi Tanahashi made a successful 1st defense of the IWGP heavyweight title against Tenzan today, beating him with his new High Fly Flow finisher. Koji Kanemoto also made a successful 1st defense of his IWGP jr. title in a marathon 30+ minute battle with former champion Minoru.
The big dissapointment of the night seemed to be the return of Shinsuke Nakamura, who didn't show much in his return tag match with Chono other than scoring the win with a new move.

Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
10,000 Fans - No Vacancy

1. EXPLOSION Opening Match: Yujiro beat Mitsuhide Hirasawa (5:45) with a lariat.
2. Marvelous Super Jr. Tag: Jushin Thunder Liger & Prince Devitt beat Wataru Inoue & Ryusuke Taguchi (12:50) when Devitt used a brainbuster on Inoue.
3. Gokuaku Special Tag: Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii beat Jado & Gedo (10:12) when Ishii pinned Jado after a lariat & Oni Koroshi combination.
4. La Battaglia Tra Eroi Italiani: Milano Collection AT beat Tiger Mask (10:49) with a Jorge Rivera-style llave.
5. Hip Press vs. Hip Attack ~ Ultimate Butt Showdown: Shiro Koshinaka & Togi Makabe beat Takashi Iizuka & Akebono (10:23) when Makabe used a horizontal cradle on Iizuka.
6. TACTICS VS. TYRANT: Yoshihiro Takayama & Minoru Suzuki beat Yuji Nagata & Naofumi Yamamoto (16:54) when Takayama used an Everest German suplex hold on Yamamoto.
7. Triumph ~ the resistance to authority: Masahiro Chono & Shinsuke Nakamura beat Riki Choshu & Manabu Nakanishi (10:54) when Nakamura used a modified fireman's carry -> vertical drop on Choshu.
8. IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title: Koji Kanemoto (c) beat Minoru (33:39) with an ankle hold (1st defense).
9. IWGP Heavyweight Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) beat Hiroyoshi Tenzan (26:45) with the High Fly Flow (1st defense).