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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


WWE superstars rundown their favorite Wrestlemania moments/matches.

Nicole Jersinger of the Pussycat Dolls sings America the Beautiful.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: CM Punk VS Mark Henry VS MVP VS Finlay VS Shelton Benjamin VS Kofi Kingston VS Christian VS Kane
- Henry & Kane dominate the smaller guys early till Christian and Shelton take them down with a ladder. Kofi leapfrogs over the ladder and dropkicks it into them before dropping the leg on them. Kane & Henry take down the smaller guys again and race up the ladder! The smaller guys quickly rush back in to take out the big guys. The small guys now race up the ladders only for Kane & Henry to tip the ladders over the fall everyone else before going at it again! Kane takes out Henry and climbs the ladder but Henry takes him down. Henry launches a ladder at Finlay but misses and Finlay takes him out of the ring. Finlay then dives out on Kane! Christian dives out on Kane and Finlay! MVP dives down on Finlay & Kane! Kofi & Punk dives out on everyone! Benjimen climbs up a high ladder and dives out on everyone! HOLY SHIT MOMENT! HENRY GOES UP TOP! But Finlay nails him with the shileleigh to stophim. Hornswoggle climbs up a mini ladder on to Henry on the corner and dives down on everyone else! Finlay sets up a ladder. Kofi leaps through the ladder and takes out Finlay. He tries to splash Finlay in the corner, but Finlay uses the step ladder as a shield! Punk in, but gets rolling Samoan dropped onto the mini ladder! Finlay up the ladder again, but Kofi takes him down. Kofi up the ladder, but Henry takes him down. Kofi amazingly runs up the ladder while Henry is holding it and almost grabs the briefcase, but Henry pulls the ladder out from under him and catches him in mid-air with the World's Strongest Slam on the ladder! MVP uses the ladder to take out Henry. Shelton uses the ladder for a springboard, but MVP catches him with a mid-air powerbomb. MVP up the ladder, but Punk takes him out. Christian goes after Punk and counters a GTS attempt into the Unprettiers off the ladder! MVP up the ladder, but Shelton leaps up and tries to sunset flip MVP off the ladder, but they blow the spot! Shelton then powerbombs MVP out of the ring onto Henry & Tony Atlas! Shelton & Finlay up the ladder. Shelton knocks Finlay off the ladder onto another! Christian takes down Shelton. Shelton sets up another ladder the the two race up to the top! The ladder tips over and Shelton falls to the floor, but Christian uses his foot to catch the top rope and stop the ladder from falling! He pushes the ladder back up into place and goes for the briefcase, but Punk springboards to stop him! Kane up the ladder and takes down Christian! Kane up the ladder to stop Punk, but Punk kicks him off and takes the briefcase to win the Money in the Bank for the second year in a row!
- Great match to kick off Mania! But the fans seemed against Punk winning surprisingly.
Winner: CM Punk

A look at Wrestlemania Axxess weekend.

Kid Rock performs a medley of songs.

The WWE Divas head to the ring as Kid performs "So Hot" for the Ms. WrestleMania Battle Royal. No introductions for the Divas, and the match kicks off immediately after the performance.
- The final five are Melina, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Michelle McCool and a 'mystery Diva"! Beth was dominant tossing out Divas left and right. Michelle & Mickie are fighting up on the corner and both fall out of the ring. Beth tries to GlamBomb Melina over the top, but the mystery Diva tosses them out to win! She introduces herself as SANTINA MARELLA! SANTINO'S TWIN SISTER!!!! "She" cries as Candice crowns "her" and Beth is irate as "she" dances around the ring!
Winner: "Santina" Marella

3-on-1 Handicap Elimination Match: Chris Jericho VS Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka & "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.
- Mickey Rourke is sitting at ringside and Ric Flair accompanies the legends. Steamboat looks to be in great shape compared to the other legends. Piper starts off spitting gum at Jericho and goes right after Jericho. Piper clotheslines Jericho out of the ring. Back in the ring Piper gets a sunset flip for a near fall followed by a dropkick! Snuka tags in and goes to work on Jericho with chops. Steamboat tags in and immediately goes up top with a diving chop followed by the trademark Steamboat armdrags! Snuka tagged back and and Jericho taken down by a double chop from the Superfly and the Dragon! Jericho manages to take down Snuke and lock on the Walls of Jericho, and Snuka taps out! Jericho takes out Steamboat, and Piper goes to work on Jericho. Piper locks on the sleeper, but Jercho escapes and hits an enzuguiri to pin and eliminate Piper! Steamboat up top and hits a diving crossbody for a near fall! Jericho takes down Steamboat with a vicious clotheline and goes to work on the remaining legend. Steamboat escapes a sleeper but Jericho throws him out of the ring, but Steamboat skins the cat as Jericho takes a shot at Flair. Jericho charges at Steamboat who tosses him out of the ring and follows with a plancha! Jericho tossed back in the ring and Steamboat up top with a diving chop! Steamboat gets a Japanese legroll clutch for a near fall. Jericho back with a knee and hits the bulldog, but misses the moonsault! Steamboat catches Jericho with a powerslam for a near fall! Jericho goes for the Walls, but Steamboat counters into a roll up for a near fall! Steamboat is able to flip out of a backdrop, but eats the Codebreaker, giving Jericho the victory!
Winner: Chris Jericho

- Flair charges the ring and attacks Jericho! Flair with chops, but Jericho hits the Codebreaker to take Flair out! Jericho grabs the mic and calls out Mickey Rourke (Who I just notices is sitting next to Frank Shamrock!), and demands he appologize to Jericho. Rourke gets in the ring and looks ready to fight. The square off and Rourke takes a few quick jabs at Jericho! Jericho takes Rourke up on his little boxing challenge, but Rourke catches him with a quick left-hook that drops Jericho! Flair & Rourke celebrate in the ring to end the segment.

A look back at the history of the Hardy brothers.

Extreme Rules: Matt Hardy VS Jeff Hardy
- Matt is actually wearing long tights, and Jeff is wearing the black metal face paint. Jeff slaps Matt and takes him down. They go to the outside and Jeff breaks a poster over his head. Jeff grabs a thrash can, but Matt prevents him from using it. Jeff slams Matt's face into the ring steps, then uses the them as a springboard. Back in the ring, Jeff misses a corner splash, but tries for the Whisper in the Wind, but Matt whacks him in mid air with a steel chair. Matt grabs a vacuum from under the ring and whacks Jeff in the head with it. Matt hits the Side Effect onto a chair for a near fall and chokes him in the corner. Matt wraps Jeff around the corner post and tries to break his back. Matt sets up a table and tries to suplex Jeff off the apron on it. Jeff fights it off and knocks Jeff off the apron. Jeff with a clothesline off the apron onto Matt, followed by a kick sending Matt into the ring steps. Jeff whacks Matt with a Singapore cane. He places a thrash can on Matt's head and takes a shot with a crutch followed by a corner dropkick. Jeff goes up top and misses the Swanton! Matt hits the Twist of Fate, but Jeff kicks out at 2! Matt goes up top and motions for a Swanton, but Jeff follows him up and takes him down with a superplex. Jeff grabs a steel chair and blasts Matt in the face with it, sending him out to the floor. Jeff sets Matt up on the table and sets up another ladder on top of him! Jeff goes up top and hits a big splash through both tables and Matt! HOLY SHIT MOMENT! Jeff back to his feet and gets Matt back into the ring for a cover, but Matt gets a foot on the ropes! Jeff gets out a pair of ladders from under the ring! Jeff uses a steel chair for an assisted leg drop! Jeff sets up the ladder, and leapfrogs over the taller ladder with a legdrop, but misses! Matt sticks Jeff's head between the steel chair and hits the Twist of Fate for the win! SICK!
Winner: Matt Hardy

Randy Orton backstage with Legacy getting ready for his match.

Intercontinental Championship: John "Bradshaw" Leyfield [C]VS Rey Mysterio
- JBL badmouths his home state of Texas for not having any champions, whereas he is one that they can be proud of. Rey continues his yearly tribute to superheroes as he comes out dressed as the Joker! He looks like he should be an evil heel .
- JBL takes a cheap shot at Mysterio and beats him down, but the referee breaks it up as the match has not started yet. He check if Rey wants to continue and finally rings the bell to start the match. JBL charges in and Mysterio ducks and hits an enzuguiri sending him into the ropes! 619 by Mysterio followed quickly by a splash off the top rope and Mysterio wins the IC title in just 21 SECONDS!
Winner and NEW IC Champion: Rey Mysterio

JBL grabs the mic as the fans boo him mercilessly, and JBL QUITS! He promised us a historic moment, and I guess he just gave us 2 of 'em.

Shawn Michaels VS The Undertaker
- Shawn does his white angel entrance, dressed in an all white outfit opposite of the Undertaker's black, as he comes down from the Heavens on a mini elevator before dropping the garb and back to his classic HBK intro. Undertaker on the other hand rises up from the darkness to make his way to the ring.
- HBK ses his speed to dodge 'Taker and hit chops. HBK manages to get 'Taker in the corner and nail more punches. 'Taker tosses HBK to the corner and hits a barrage of strikes. 'Taker with a big back body drop out of the corner followed by a gorilla press slam! 'Taker goes Old School and connects! 'Taker misses a kick in the corner and HBK starts working on his knee. HBK locks on his modified figure four! 'Taker throws punches to break the hold. 'Taker catches HBK in mid air and rams him into the corner. Dead Man with a pair of clotheslines in the corner, follows with Snake Eyes, a big boot and a leg drop for a near fall! 'Taker signals for the chokeslam, but HBK counters it into the Crossface! 'Taker powers up and drops HBK with a sideslam to break the hold. Back to their feet and they trade strikes. HBK hits the flying forearm off the ropes and does the kip-up. Pair of inverted atomic drops followed by a flying clothesline to take down the Dead Man. HBK up top, but 'Taker up gets up and catches him in mid air! HBK slips out of the chokeslam and fakes Sweet Chin Music as 'Taker ducks, but HBK quickly tries for the figure four, but 'Taker counters into Hell's Gate! HBK gets to the ropes to break the hold and they go to the outside. 'Taker goes for the legdrop on the apron, but HBK dodges! HBK with a low baseball slide to 'Taker outside and follows up with a big moonsault off the top, but 'Taker dodges and HBK hits the floor hard !!! Referee checks on HBK, and the Dead Man goes for a big dive over the ropes, but HBK moves and pulls a camera into the flying Dead Man's way! 'Taker looked like he landed on his head !!! HBK drags the referee back into the ring and tells him to count out the 'Taker! 'Taker barely makes it back in time and HBK is distraught! HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music, but 'Taker catches him with a chokeslam and gets a 2 count! 'Taker goes for the Tombstone, but HBK flips out and tries for Sweet Chin Music, but 'Taker catches him and tries again for the chokeslam, but HBK escapes and connects with the superkick! HBK covers, but only gets 2! HBK goes to get 'Taker up, but 'Taker chokes him and goes for the Last Ride! HBK flips out and tries for a sunset flip, but 'Taker picks him up and again goes for the powerbomb, and connects but only gets a 2! 'Taker goes up and top and tries for the big elbow drop, but misses! HBK charges at 'Taker, but 'Taker tosses him out over the top! HBK tries to skin the cat, but 'Taker catches him and brings him back in with a TOMBSTONE! HBK covers, but only gets 2!!! 'Taker tries for another Tombstone, but HBK flips into a DDT! HBK goes up top and hits the elbow drop! HBK tunes up the band! HBK hits Sweet Chin Music! Cover! 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men struggle to their feet and start slugging it out! 'Taker wins the slugfest with a boot to the face! 'Taker tries for the Tombstone again, but HBK flips out and HBK lands chops. 'Taker launches HBK into the corner, but runs into a pair of feet. HBK goes up top for a moonsault, but 'Taker catches him in mid-air and nails the Tombstone to get the 3 count and keep the streak alive! 17-0!
Winner: The Undertaker
Match Rating: *****!!!!!

Look back at the history of the World Heavyweight Championship feud between Edge, Big Show and John Cena.

World Heavyweight Championship: Edge [C] VS The Big Show VS John Cena
- An army of John Cena's come out to the old Thuganomics theme! The real John Cena comes out to his current theme as the Cena army do the "You Can't See Me" pose.
- Cena takes down Edge and tries to shoulder block Show, but bounces off him in mid air! Edge tries to cut a deal with Show, but Show gorilla presses him and crotches him on the top rope. Show tosses Edge into Cena who picks up Edge for the Attitude Adjustment, but Show breaks it up with a boot to the face. Show dominates Cena but misses a kick on the ropes. Cena tosses over the ropes and Edge dropkicks the ringsteps into Show's knees before Edge comes off the top with a leg drop driving Show's face into the floor! Cena tries to Attitude Adjust Edge, but he flips outn and hits a DDT. Cena takes out Edge, and Show back in the ring dropping Cena with a side slam. Chavo gets involved pulling Cena out of the ring, but Cena gives him an Attitude Adjustment out on the floor! Back in the ring, Cena shoulder blocks Show and Show gets tangled in the ropes, shades of Andre the Giant! Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Edge, but Vickie distracts him from hitting the Attitude Adjustment. Edge tries for a spear, but Cena dodges and Edge hits Vickie off the apron, but Chavo manages to catch her. Show gets untangled and goes right to work on Edge & Cena! Show tries for a double chokeslam, but Cena escapes and Edge gets drilled. Cena tries for the Attitude Adjustment, but Show flips out and hits the big knock out punch on Cena! Show goes out after Edge and tries to chokeslam Edge onto the Spanish announce table, but Edge counters into a DDT. Edge sets up the ring steps and uses it as a springboard to spear Show through the ringside barricade! Edge gets Cena back in the ring and goes for the Spear, but Cena counters into the STF! Show back in the ring to break the hold and tries to Vaderbomb Edge, but Edge moves. Cena tries to suplex Show, and gets it with help from Edge. They clothesline Show out of the ring, and Edge nails Cena with a boot to the face for a near fall. Cena hits the Throwback and goes up top, but Show pushes Cena off the top and Edge spears him in mid-air! Edge goes for the cover, and Show breaks the count. Edge jumps on Show's back with a sleeper. Cena picks both of them up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Edge slips off. Cena slams show, then gives Edge the Attitude Adjustment onto Show before pinning Show to win the title!
Winner and NEW champion: John Cena

They announce WrestlemaniaXXVI will be held in Arizona next year.

They introduce the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2009: The Funks, Howard Finkle, "Cowboy" Bill Watts, Koko B. Ware, the Von Erich family, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Stone Cold Steve Austin.
- Stone Cold Steve Austin actually came out in a suit, but quickly went to the back after he was announced, but came back out in his Austin 3:16 shirt riding his ATV! Austin took a lap around the ring and celebrated with a few beers in the ring! He has a quick toast with JR at the announce table before tossing a cooler of beers in the ring to continue the celebration before riding out on his ATV. JR and King mention this is his good-bye to the fans and the night the Austin Era ended.

They announce the sell-out attendance for tonight is 72,744 fans.

A look back at the history of Randy Orton and Triple H.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton VS Triple H [C]- Triple H can lose the title if he gets disqualified or counted out.
- Triple H lays into Orton and the referee has to break it up to remind H he loses the title if he gets disqualified. H goes back to work on Orton, but gets caught with an RKO! Orton goes for the punt as H gets up, but H dodges and hits the Pedigree! Fight goes out to the floor and H rams Orton's face into the corner post before going back into the ring. Orton tries to get a time out, but H doesn't give a damn and guillotines him on the bottom rope. Orton starts working over Orton's neck with a knee drop to the back of the neck followed by a rear clothesline. Orton escapes to the outside and counters an Irish whip sending H into the ring steps. Orton then sends H over the barricade into the fans and tries for the count out win. HHH makes it back in at 7. Orton now works over Triple H's neck. H breaks the Orton Chinlock and they start trading punches. H catches Orton with the high knee and the face buster. H tries for the Pedigree, but Orton counters into a catapult into the corner. H back with a big clothesline for a near fall. Orton drops HHH face first onto the turnbuckle again. Orton off the top and H gets a boot up. HHH tries for the Pedigree again but Orton counters into a jacknife pin for a near fall. Orton tries for the RKO, but H pushes him off and gets a roll-up for a near fall. H hits the spinebuster and tries for the Pedigree again, but Orton counters into an inverted backbreaker for a near fall. H goes up top, but Orton catches him in mid-air with a dropkick right in the face! Orton tries for the punt, but H catches his leg and flips him over the top rope down to the floor. Brawl back to the outside and H threatens to break a TV monitor over Orton's head, but the referee reminds him about losing the title on a DQ. H instead sets up to Pedigree Orton on the announce table, but Orton counters flipping H over to the Spanish announce table. Orton with the hangman's DDT off the announce table to the floor! Orton again goes for the count out win, but H barely gets back in at 9. Orton stomps away and pounds H in the corner. H battles back, but Orton rams H into the referee and hits the RKO! Orton goes out of the ring and grabs a sledgehammer, but HHH gives him a punt as he gets back in the ring! H gets the hammer and hits Orton with it before getting rid of the evidence and start pounding away on the challenger again! Triple H hits the Pedigree and gets the win to retain his title.
- Things became very anti-climatic after H hit Orton with the sledgehammer. The fans didn't react as loudly to H winning either, as there were RKO chants throughout the match for Orton.
Winner and still champion: Triple H

OVERALL: Wrestlemania delivers, but it's a pity the tag title unification match was instead a pre-show match!



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