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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jeff Hardy finally wins the big one


Vladimir Kozlov beat Matt Hardy with a chokeslam
A lot better than Kozlov's match with HHH at Survivor Series. Also helped that the live crowd didn't crap all over Koslov's mat work as he made it more interesting than HHH match too, with a modified arm keylock rather than the headlocks. Koslov's new modified chokeslam/spinebuster finisher is also a big step up from the reverse DDT he used to use. With some work, Koslov could be a main event monster yet.
Match Rating: **

IC Title No.1 Contender's Tournament Finals: CM Punk beat Rey Mysterio with the Go2Sleep.

Whatever expectations the wrestling fans had for this match I'm sure were met as they had one of the better WWE matches I've seen in a while. This is the kind of back and forth competitive match that's been missing for a while now, and it was good to see Rey more evenly matched rather than being the underdog for a change. He even matched Punk with submission-holds! Great match!
Match Rating: ****

We get a very long and drawn out in ring segment with JBL introducing his newest "employee", Shawn Michaels, and HBK explaining the only reason he's doing it is for the money. Waste of PPV time.

Belfast Brawl: Finlay beat Mark Henry after hitting him with the shaleleigh.
Fun plunder match with a few interesting spots, like Mark Henry crushing a thrash can between him and Finlay, while pressing Finlay into the corner as well. Too bad once again Finlay shows he can't win a match without a weapon anymore.
Match Rating: **

Batista beat Randy Orton with the Batista-bomb.

I really wanted to like this match, but it just didn't do it for me. Mostly due to Randy Orton's overuse of the headlock to wear down Big Dave. I don't care if he tried to switch it up with a cravat, it was still boring. The ending spot where Batista countered Orton's attempt at Bob Holly's Alabama Slam into a spinning Batista-bomb was a nice spot though. I still think it could have been better.
Match Rating: ***

Santa's Little Helper Diva Match: Maria, Mickie James, Kelly Kelly & Michelle McCool beat Marysse, Victoria, Jillian & Natalya when McCool used a Styles Clash on Jillian.
Standard Divas match, but the surprise of the match was watching McCool pull a rather sluggish Styles Clash for the finish. Her slow heel turn continues.
Match Rating: *

The Great Khali comes out for the Slammy Award winning Khali Kiss Cam. He wants to kiss McCool, but she runs off. That leads to Runjin Singh bringing out Mae Young to take the kiss. And for the first time we see fear in Khali.

World Heavyweight Championship: John Cena [C] beat Chris Jericho with the STFU to retain.
Good match, but it would have been better if Cena had won the belt here rather than in his return match at Survivor Series. A lot of counters and both men kicked out of each other's standing finishers, but Cena was able to escape the Walls of Jericho and counter into the STFU to retain his title.
Match Rating: ***

WWE Championship - Triple Threat Match: Jeff Hardy beat Edge [C] and Triple H when he pinned Edge with the Swanton to win the title.

Well, Jeff finally wins the big one! Great match with some great spots like Jeff getting speared off the RAW announce table onto the Smackdown announce table. Koslov's run in to cost Triple H the victory, but Jeff still coming out of nowhere to take the title when it looked like H was on the verge of victory. The question now is how they follow up Jeff's reign.
Match Rating: ****