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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WWE No Way Out 2/15/2009

WWE Championship - Elimination Chamber Match: The Undertaker VS The Big Show VS Vladimir Kozlov VS Triple H VS Jeff Hardy VS Edge [C]- Jeff Hardy and Edge start off the match.
- Jeff hits the Twist of Fate, but misses the Swanton. Edge charges in for the spear, but Jeff catches him in a small-package to pin him and eliminate him from the match!
- Vladimir Kozlov is the 3rd man in.
- Kozlov catches Jeff in mid-air with the battering ram and slams him multiple times into the chain cage. Kozlov continues to work on Jeff's back, but Jeff manages a short comeback and hits the Whisper in the Wind as the timer counts down.
- Big Show is the 4th man in.
- The two big men beat down Jeff in a game of one upsmanship. They're just stalling for time here. The two big men finally go at it as Kozlov drops Show with the battering ram!
- Triple H is the 5th man in.
- The Game quickly takes down Show and Kozlov. H hits the spinebuster on Show! H tosses Kozlov out to the steel and tries to ram his head into the cage, but Kozlov shakes him off. Kozlov tries to battering ram H, but the game dodges and Kozlov rams the chamber pod! H tries to Pedigree Kozlov on the steel, but Show breaks it up and pulls H back into the ring. The 2 big men controlling the match again.
- Show slams H into the cage and squashes him against it. He catches Jeff and slams him into H against the cage. He goes to squash them both, but they dodge it and get back in the ring to double suplex Kozlov as the final man enters.
- The Undertaker is the 6th man in.
- The Dead Man goes wild punching down Show, giving Kozlov the Snake Eyes followed by a big boot, and tries to double chokeslam Jeff & H, but gets interupted by Show. 'Taker tries Old School on H, but jumps out after Show instead and gives him a DDT on the steel floor! 'Taker hits Old School on H, but Kozlov jumps him and pounds him in the corner. Big mistake as the Dead Man lifts him out of the corner and gives him the Last Ride to eliminate him from the match!
- Big Show quickly blasts 'Taker and gives him the chokeslam before tossing both Jeff and H out into the steel. Show tosses Jeff into the cage, but Jeff jumps onto the cage and climbs up the chamber pod! Show goes up after Jeff, but 'Taker superplexes Show off the top into the ring! Triple H hits the Pedigree and Jeff follows with the Swanton! HHH pins Show to eliminate him!
- H and 'Taker go at it and 'Taker sends H to the outside. Jeff uses 'Taker as a springboard to take out H, but 'Taker pulls Jeff back into the ring and Tombstones him to eliminate him!
- Back and forth battle between the 2 former champions and 'Taker hits the chokeslam for a near fall. 'Taker hits the Snake Eyes and runs in for the big boot, but H catches him with the spinebuster. H tries to Pedigree 'Taker on the outside, but gets slingshotted into the cage. 'Taker tries to Tombstone H on the steel, but H flips into the ring, and 'Taker flips over again to hit the Tombstone, but only gets 2 as H gets his foot on the ropes! H hits the Pedigree out of nowhere, but himself also gets just a 2 count! They struggle to their feet and start slugging it out. H pounds 'Taker in the corner and 'Taker lifts him out of the corner for the Last Ride, but H escapes and hits the Pedigree for the win and his 13th WWE championship!
Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Triple H

No Holds Barred: Randy Orton VS Shane McMahon
- Shane controlled the match with weapons and busted Orton open. Shane sets up Orton on the announce table, but Priceless attacks Shane. Shane fights them off and gives Cody the Coast to Coast dropkick. Shane goes back up top and misses the diving elbow on Orton, crashing through the announce table. Orton gives Shane the hangman's DDT in the ring before setting up a table and giving him a superplex through the table, but Shane kicks out at 2! Orton sets up Shane for the punt, but Shane hits a spear! Shane attacks Orton's ankle with a steel chair! Shane goes to punt Orton, but Orton hits the RKO and gets the win!
Winner: Randy Orton via RKO

ECW Championship: Jack Swagger [C] VS Finlay
- Very mat based match. Hornswoggle distracted Finlay more than helping him here. Finlay accidentally knocked Hornswoggle off the apron, and Swagger capitalized by hitting the gutwrench powerbomb to retain his title.
Winner and still ECW Champion: Jack Swagger via gutwrence powerbomb

All Or Nothing: John "Bradshaw" Leyfield VS Shawn Michaels

- Rather glad they didn't run this match at WrestleMania as it was really slow paced. JBL dominating the match till he turned his attention to Shawn's wife at ringside, leading to her punching him and HBK going wild, hitting Sweet Chin Music to win his freedom and financial security.
Winner: Shawn Michaels via Sweet Chin Music.

World Heavyweight Championship - Elimination Chamber Match: John Cena [C] VS Mike Knox VS Kane VS Edge VS Rey Mysterio VS Chris Jericho- Edge attacks Kofi Kingston from behind and lays him out before locking himself in the chamber pod. By WWE logic, it means he's in the match.
- Back and forth action with Rey and Jericho starting off. The highlight being Rey jumping off the cage to give Jericho a hurricanrana on the steel.
- Kane is the 3rd man in.
- Kane dominates, but mostly concentrates his attacks on Rey. Rey counters a chokeslam into a hurricanrana and hits the 619, followed by Jericho hitting the Code Breaker on Kane. Rey takes out Jericho and climbs up the top of the chamber pod to hit a HUGE seated senton to eliminate Kane!
- Mike Knox is the 4th man in.
- Knox takes over from Kane and dominates the smaller men in the ring. Knox sets up Rey for the Knox Out, but Jericho comes out of nowhere with the Code Breaker to eliminate Knox!
- Edge is the 5th man in.
- Rey immediately goes after Edge in the chamber pod and they take it to the ring where Jericho takes Rey's head off with a big clothesline. Edge tries to spear Mysterio in the corner, but Rey ducks. Jericho tries for the Code Breaker, but Edge holds the ropes. Rey sets up Edge for the 619, but runs right into a spear from Jericho! All 3 men go up top, leading to Jericho giving Edge a sunset flip off the top and Edge launching Rey with a release German suplex!
- John Cena is the 6th man in.
- Cena immediately goes after Edge with a jumping shoulder tackle and a belly-to-belly suplex. Fisherman's suplex on Jericho followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Edge. Cena sets Edge for the Attitude Adjustment, but Jericho gives him the Code Breaker, followed by a 619 from Mysterio and a spear from Edge! Edge pins Cena and the champion is eliminated!
- Mysterio fights off both Canadians and hits the 619 on Jericho. Mysterio tries for the West Coast Pop, but Jericho catches him and tries for the Walls of Jericho! Mysterio counters into a roll up and eliminates Jericho!
- Edge charges in with a spear, but Rey ducks it and rolls him up for a near fall. Springboard crossbody by Rey for another near fall. Swinging DDT by Rey for another near fall! Rey goes up top but Edge kicks him off the top down to the steel. Edge tries a powerbomb, but Mysterio counters into a facebuster on the steel floor! Rey hits a 619 to the back of Edge's head. Rey charges in but gets launched head first into the chamber pod! Back into the ring, and Ege hits the spear to win the World Heavyweight Championship!!!
Winner and NEW World Heavyweight Champion: EDGE!

Wow. Looks like a lot of expectations for WrestleMania have all been changed now.