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Friday, April 22, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania XXVII Thoughts

1. I must have missed the part where they said the winner of the Royal Rumble gets to OPEN WrestleMania and not MAIN EVENT it. There is NO EXCUSE for having a World Title match opening the BIGGEST PPV OF THE YEAR. They say they are making history, I say they are burying their championships.

2. This is the 2nd Alberto Del Rio PPV match I’ve seen him in where he just seems to move is slow motion with as little impact as possible. The match was OK with a passable finish, and I’m one of the few who believed Edge would retain, especially when the commentary team mentioned how he had walked into WrestleMania 4 times as champion and never walked out with the gold.

3. Rhodes/Mysterio was good as well, not the show stealer everyone expected it to be. Rhodes being a bitter evil heel at the expense of the Dashing gimmick works for me. Love his new Titantron vid too with the newspaper headlines.

4. The 8-man tag should have been left off the card in favor of the US TITLE MATCH. Championship bouts should always have priority of glorified toilet breaks like this match was. In the first place it should have been Big Show vs. Big Zeke freeing up the IC and Tag Titles to be defended on the show (or pre-show).

5. Orton/Punk should easily be the match of the night, but I always hate it when they have the face play injured just to add drama to the match. Orton’s legs buckle under him when he goes for the punt, but he has no trouble doing an Olympic Slam or some of the other big moves he was doing late in the match? I didn’t expect Punk to escape that RKO near the end, but I totally saw the finishing mid-air RKO coming.

6. A Dusty Finish for a match between 2 announcers? Maybe they should have just left JBL as the special referee so that the anonymous GM could disqualify Lawler when Austin comes down to make the save. And yeah, seeing Michael Cole with tattoos is DISTURBING.

7. ‘Taker/HHH was just finisher overkill. Sure the match was no-holds barred, but could it hurt them to actually wrestle a bit just to help pace themselves? I will give them credit for this though, when HHH hit that Tombstone on ‘Taker, I actually believed that was the end of it. And like everyone else, I do wonder if the ending was a work or a shoot. If it was part of the storyline, then they wasted a lot of air time for it.

8. Everyone was raving about how Snooki was not the worst wrestler on the show. No surprise really since she only hit TWO MOVES in that very short match. Give credit to Michelle McCool too for dropping the fall after she’s been burying everyone in the Diva’s Division for the past few years.

9. Nothing says this is your biggest show of the year like a DOUBLE COUNT-OUT in the MAIN EVENT of the show. Miz kicking out of the Attitude Adjustment finally gave him some credibility, but then he needs The Rock to save his title before totally getting owned by Rocky.

10. Overall, I agree with many that this was a 4-hour edition of RAW and not the BIGGEST PPV OF THE YEAR. 9 matches on a 4-hour PPV where less than 50% of the air-time is actual wrestling is just piss-poor booking/planning. Then again, Vince is all about the “Entertainment” part of the business and not the “Sport” part of it.