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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's next for NOAH?

So this past weekend Jun Akiyama and KENTA dethroned the Kensuke Office and brought the GHC gold back home. My question is, where do they go from here, and what was the point of putting the belts on the KO guys anyway?

You had Kensuke beat Morishima, who was riding a wave of momentum, for the title. And Kensuke gets 2 successful defenses against non-contenders Yone and Saito. When he finally gets puts against one of the top guys in NOAH, he jobs the title back. It's good Akiyama gets another chance to run with the title, but couldn't he have won it off Morishima? Beating Kensuke would have done wonders for Morishima and add to his legitimacy as a main eventer. On the other hand, Kensuke beating Akiyama and holding on to the title shows how big of a threat Sasaki really was and how it takes someone of Kobashi's calibur to beat him. Whoever defeated Kensuke after his victory over Akiyama would have gotten a huge rub in the process.

KENTA and Nakajima have a blood feud going on now, Nakajima has been surprising all of us recently with his wins over KENTA when you didn't expect it, especially when he won the title off him. Yet, barely a month later KENTA wins the title right back. I would have preffered if Nakajima had somehow retained the title only to lose it to Kotaro Suzuki due to Dragon Gate-like interferance from Genba and Kanemaru. Instead KENTA wins the title back to set up getting attacked by a masked man. OK, whatev.

I hope NOAH has some serious plans for the coming months. And hopefully Akiyama solidifies himself as a true ace this time rather than jobbing the title in a flash pinfall to a junior heavyweight again.



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