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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Straight Edge champion crowned on RAW!

A new world heavyweight champion was crowned on RAW this week when CM Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and defeated Edge to win the title!

It all began when JR came out at the beginning of RAW to give his farewell address since he was drafted to Smackdown! last week, and this prompted Edge to come out with Hawkins & Ryder to eject JR from the ring. Edge then went on a rant against RAW stating how they didn't have a champion anymore and that he would never be on RAW again. This lead to an enraged Batista coming out and laying out Edge with the Batista-bomb. As Batista was leaving, Punk made his way to the ring with a referee and cashed in his title shot, hitting Edge instantly with the Go 2 Sleep and pinning him to win the title!

WWE even tried to mess with the fans abit, having JBL be the first to challenge Punk for the title later that same evening. How many times in the past have WWE done this? JBL even hired his own private security and had John Cena thrown out of the arena. But during the title match, Cena would show up with none other than Cryme Time! The 3 of them brawled with JBL's security, which distracted JBL leaving him open for Punk to pick him up and hit the Go 2 Sleep for the 3 count to retain the title!

A great WWE TV moment indeed!