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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

WWE RAW in Winnipeg

Bischoff is on vacation this week and left Eugene in charge! Show starts with Tajiri, Coach, Tyson Tomko, Stacy Kiebler, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, Ric Flair and Chris Jericho in the ring with a bunch of chairs setup. Interim GM Eugene comes out and announces the winner of a round of musical chairs will get a title match tonight!
Tajiri was first eliminated, but sprayed Coach with a mouthful of green mist, causing Coach to lose the next round. Lawler was next up and tried to cop a feel of Stacy before leaving. Stacy was next out as Flair shoved her out of the way after styling and profiling. Flair styled too much and was next out. Jericho won the game as he yanked the chair out from Tomko before he could sit down and smacked him with the chair to out him from the ring. Eugene announced Y2 J as the winner and said he will get a Intercontinental Title match tonight!

La Resistance beat Rhyno & Val Venis with the Aur Revoir on Venis. Looks like Rhyno is gonna keep switching partners before he finally wins the big one with the right partner.

Randy Orton, Batista & Ric Flair on their way to Eugene’s ‘office’. It turns out to be a play pen! Eugene tells them that Batista will face Kane tonight and at Vengeance La Resistance will defend the tag titles against the team of Ric Flair and EUGENE!!! Flair flips out and has to be held back by Batista & Orton!

HHH comes out and start rambling about how he’s gonna dethrone Benoit at Vengeance. Edge interrupts and says he’s gonna be the man to stand up to Evolution and take them out one by one starting with Orton at Vengeance. The two start going at it and Edge has the advantage, but runs off as Evolution rush the ring. Edge gets a shot in on Orton before leaving through the audience.

Batista beat Kane by DQ. It’s announced Kane faces Matt Hardy at Vengeance in a No Disqualification Match. This match was getting good as the two big men went at it till Matt Hardy came out and beat on Kane, ramming his head repeatedly into the steel steps.

Highlights of the LA leg of the RAW Divas Search. Wouldn’t they be better off spending their $250,000 on getting an actual wrestler?

Randy Orton retains the IC Title against Y2J in a very good, long match. Finish sees Y2J lock on the Walls of Jericho, but gets distracted by Batista, giving Orton a chance to steal the win rolling up Jericho with his feet on the ropes.

HHH jumping around with Eugene in his ‘office’, stating a deal has been made. HHH rolls out and is dizzy from all the jumping as Flair comes into the picture. HHH says they’ve made a handicap main event for tonight, HHH, Flair & Eugene VS Edge & Benoit.

Nidia beat Molly Holly and Victoria in a 3-way pole match. Trish Stratus was on guest commentary, doing a very poor job. Trish has a big cast on her hand. This match was carried by Molly & Victoria, but Nidia stole it in the end.
Trish makes her way to the ring and tells Nidia she gets a title shot at Trish’s title when Trish feels she’s ready. Trish then knocks out Nidia with her cast, then claiming she’s ready, asking the referee to start the match! Trish gets an easy pin to ‘retain’ the title.
Backstage, Trish brags with Tomko about her win, then runs into Lita. She’s tells Lita it’s ironic the fans call her (Trish) a slut after what Lita’s been doing recently.

HHH fires up Eugene backstage for their match, spreading the propaganda of how Edge is also after him since he’s a member of Evolution.

Main event sees HHH, Flair & Eugene beat Benoit & Edge when HHH pinned Benoit with the Pedigree after Eugene reluctantly hit Benoit with a steel chair. Another good, lengthy tag match. Telling the story of how Benoit & Edge refused to attack Eugene, and Evolution taking advantage of it.

Current matches for Vengeance:
Triple H VS Chris Benoit – World Heavyweight Title
Edge VS Randy Orton – Intercontinental Title
Ric Flair & Eugene VS La Resistance – World Tag Team Titles
Kane VS Matt Hardy – No Disqualification
Batista VS Chris Jericho


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