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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

RAW stacks the deck against Benoit!

RAW kicks off with HHH and Evolution calling out Eugene then spreading propaganda about how they are Eugene's true friends. William Regal comes out to set the record straight, but HHH get Regal to confess to only being Eugene's mentor to get his job back. HHH then gives Eugene an ultimatum that he can either go with Evolution, or with Regal. But before Eugene could decide, GM Bisch comes out and announces William Regal will face Triple H tonight, with the special guest referee being EUGENE! Personally, I'd love to see HHH VS Regal and hopefully this will be a good match.

First match of the night is a rematch from last week, Edge and Chris Jericho VS Batista and Randy Orton. For those who didn't know, Batista KO'd Jericho last week with a wicked clothesline. Interesting how the arena's fire alarm goes off as the match starts. This was an awesome tag match. Ending saw Batista accidentally KILL Orton with a VICIOUS clothesline! Orton was out like a light! Edge then speared Batista and Jericho hit the Lionsault to win the match.

After recapping Kane breaking the news that Lita is pregnant with his child, We see Lita crying in the back about sleeping around to protect Matt and confiding in Stacy again.
Back in the ring and it's surrounded by security as JR does his interview with Kane. Kane says he took out HBK cause he was angry about losing the match to Benoit at Badd Blood. Kane then says he shagged Lita with every intention of getting her pregnant. JR brings up the fact that Lita could be pregnant with Matt Hardy's kid, which sets Kane off on JR till Matt Hardy comes out of nowhere and beat down on Kane! GM Bisch comes out and orders security to remove Hardy from the arena. He then states in the world title main event later, Benoit can ONLY retain the title via submission, whereas Kane can win the title on pinfall, submission, disqualification and count out!

Next up was William Regal VS Triple H with Eugene as the referee. This was a good match until the screwjob ending. Regal totally out WRESTLED HHH, even hitting a sweet Exploder near the end. Flair then distracts Eugene and tosses in some brass knucks to HHH, but Regal knocks down HHH and gets the knucks! Before Regal can use them though, Eugene sees him with it and disqualifies Regal! Eugene turns his back to Regal after the match and HHH knocks Regal into him! Regal decks HHH, but Eugene thinks Regal cheapshotted him and goes wild on Regal! Flair & HHH have to pull Eugene off Regal.

La Resistace VS Rhyno & SGT. SLAUGHTER is next! Rhyno dominates both La Resistance for the opening moments before getting double teamed. Rhyno rallies back makes the hot tag to the Sarge! Slaughter goes to work on both French sympathizers and locks the Cobra Clutch on Conway before it gets broken up by Grenier. Conway hits a DDT on Slaughter, but gets taken down by Rhyno. Grenier knocks Rhyno off the 2nd rope to the floor and La Resistance finish off Sarge with the tandem neckbreaker finisher.

Triple H fires up Eugene backstage about how Kane, Benoit and Regal all made him angry in the past, but now he's a member of Evolution and they will take care of anybody who hurts him from now on.
Three matches are announced for Vengeance:
Randy Orton VS Edge - IC Title
Chris Jericho VS Batista
Triple H VS Winner of Benoit/Kana - World Title
Coach enters GM Bisch's office as Ric Flair leaves thanking Bisch for something. Bisch then tells Coach that while he's away on vacation next week, EUGENE will be interim GM of RAW!

Main event time as Chris Benoit has the decked stacked against him defending the world title against Kane. Benoit can ONLY win by making Kane tap out, whereas Kane can win by ANY means. Story of the match is Benoit trying to lock on various submissions on Kane and Kane trying to get the win by count out. Benoit eventually locks on the Crossface, but Kane powers up and drops Benoit with a Samoan Drop. Kane tries for a Tombstone, but Benoit floats over and hits the triple German on Kane! Benoit hits the diving headbutt and goes for a cover, but the referee wont count. Benpoit goes up top, but Kane catches him! Before Kane could launch Benoit, Benoit instead jumps off and drops Kane's arm over the top rope! Back in the ring, Benoit rams Kane's shoulder into the corner post, followed by a German suplex into the Crossface! Kane tries to escape but Benoit rolls on to his back to singe in the hold and Kane taps out!!!
Post match, Kane attacks Benoit and chokeslams him. Lita then comes down with a big smile on her face. She hands him the title belt and raises his hand! Kane is all smiles himself till Lita low blows him! She goes to hit him with the belt, but he grabs her by the throat and goes for the chokeslam, but lets her down, remembering she could be carrying his child. Kane tells Lita to get out of the ring and as he turns around, Benoit smacks him in the head with the world title belt! Show ends with Benoit celebrating with the world title belt. Great show!


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