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Thursday, June 17, 2004

WWE RAW Thoughts

Caught the replay of the post Badd Blood edition of RAW and it was really a laid back show to give the workers a chance to rest up after the PPV.

Show starts with Kane destroying GM Bischoff's office after he found out he's no longer no.1 contender. Why is Kane so suprised? It's not the first title shot he's blown and he never complained before.
Back in the ring, JR brings out HBK and HHH and ask them to shake hands to finally end their feud and get on with their lives. Just as they seem about to shake, Bisch comes out and says he's here to announce the new no.1 contender. Kane then comes out and attacks HBK. He stares down HHH, but HHH backs away and leaves Kane to beat the bejesus out of an already injured HBK. Kane sticks HBK's head into a chair and stomps it, causing HBK to spit blood. Officials and medics charge the ring to attend to HBK and this scene gets dragged just too long. Bischoff never announced the no.1 contender by the way, and I'm guessing it was HBK since Kane attacked him instead of HHH who WON the Hell in the Cell match last night...
First match is Matt Hardy & Lita beating Tyson Tomko & Trish Stratus when Lita pinned Trish with her DDT finisher. Nothing special, but way to push the record breaking FIVE TIME Women's champion by having her lose clean to Lita.
HHH meets up with Bisch and asks if he's the no.1 contender. Bisch says next week HHH will be in a no.1 contenders match with EUGENE!
ASTRO cut out the Joe Schmo plug. Thank God.
La Resistance defeated Hurricane & Rosey in a flag match. This was boring and the Grenier's singing of the Canadian national anthem is just HORRIFYING!!! Hurricane deserves so much better than this.
ASTRO cut out the long RAW Diva Search plug. Again, Thank God!
Lita in her locker room looking worried. Zoom out and she's holding a home pregnancy test! Oh the horror of the un-creative Creative Team!
Hour two begins with the Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel and special guest Eugene. I just LOVED this segment with Evolution and HHH playing up being Eugene's friend. William Regal's facial expressions were pure gold! Definately best segment of the night.
Backstage and Stacy Kiebler asks to borrow some elbow pads from Lita. Lita confides in her that she's pregnant (ugh), and to just keep it to herself for the time being.
Next match is Gail Kim & Molly Holly beating Stacy Kiebler & Nidia. Nidia looked good despite her limited mobility thanks to her DOAX inspired enhancements. Gail gets a submission win on Stacy with a move even I'd have trouble describing!
Recap of the Hell in the Cell match from Badd Blood followed by Kane's assault on HBK earlier in the night.
Main Event of the evening sees World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit as the sole survivor in a 6-man elimination tag match as he teamed with Edge and Chris Jericho VS Ric Flair, Batista and Randy Orton of Evolution. Batista was the first eliminated after a big aerial assault by the face team and Y2J pinning him after the Lionsault. Flair pinned Y2J next after Orton RKO'd him out of the Walls of Jericho. Orton pinned Edge after another RKO following a low blow. Chris Benoit tapped out Flair with the Crippler Crossface, then tapped out Orton with the Sharpshooter to win an awesome main event match that brought RAW into 25 minute overtime in the US!

Chavo Classic out of WWE
Chavo Guerrero Sr was released by WWE for missing two consecutive house shows this past week. No one was able to get in touch with him during his absence, not even his own son Chavo Jr who had to sub for him on the house shows could contact him. When Chavo Classic showed up for SmackDown tapings, he was informed of his release, and he had no excuse for his absence, shrugging them off like no big deal. Chavo then did the right thing and jobbed the title at the SmackDown tappings. This was another bad WWE decision that came back to bite them on the ass, as they gave the title to someone totally not deserving of it in place of the younger stars on the roster that the Creative Team "have nothing for". And what was Chavo Classic thinking? Many guys would have killed to be in his position and he just shrugged it aside. Chances like that don't come by often especially for guys his age.


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