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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Junior war on 7/3 in Osaka Pro!

New Japan Pro Wrestling will go to war with Osaka Pro's Kishiwada Gurentai faction on 7/3/04 at the Osaka Delfin Arena in the main event of Osaka Pro's Saturday Night Story show. The match will see Jushin Thunder Liger and a team of 3 other as yet named New Japan junior heavyweights face off with Big Boss MA-G-MA, Daio QUALLT, GOA and Black Buffalo as Liger seeks revenge for Gurentai's attack on him during the Best of Super Juniors tour, costing him his place in the finals. Who will Liger select as his partners? And will this settle the score once and for all? This will be a VERY interesting match and hopefully a tape of it will come out!


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