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Friday, June 25, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

I caught the midnight replay of RAW after I got back from Bintulu. It was an OK show, but we all know there's always something on that 'Spoils The Illusion'!
- Counting down to Vengeance which is about several weeks away and still no official matches announced! We don't even have a main event yet!
- Is Kane getting a title shot next week because of all the carnage he caused last week? Guess his whinning and complaining paid off. And he still had time to stink up our screens with the dumb pregnancy storyline with Lita and Matt Hardy!
- Isn't it dumb how WWE tries to pass itself off as reality television, yet most of their angles and storylines AREN'T very realistic when most of the time we have peoples confessing all kinds of crap right in front of the camera, and yet no one other than the commentators usually acknowledge it?
- The above also applies to whoever that drag queen was that came out of the crowd to help Victoria. Wouldn't security normaly rush in and escort whoever jumps the barricade out of the building?
- So what does Eric Bischoff's sister think of Bisch calling her son an embarassment to their family? And what kind of mother is she to not warn her own son about Bischoff's intentions? Or does she not even watch her own son on TV every week eventhough it was her son's dream to do so?
- OK, we have a number 1 contenders match, yet Bishoff was still gonna make HHH number 1 contender for intentionally getting himself disqualified had he used the chair on Eugene? Or are they gonna play it out as Benoit got Eugene disqualified for attacking HHH, hence HHH is No.1 contender? I predict Eugene costs Benoit the title at Vengeance, as he blames Benoit for the chair shot and still believes he's helping his 'friend' HHH. You read it here first.


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