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Monday, June 28, 2004

WWE Great American Bash Results

Fatal Four-Way Elimination US Championship Match
John Cena VS Rob Van Dam VS Rene Dupree VS Booker T

They’re starting off the pay per view with one of the advertised main events?!? Booker hits a spinebuster on Dupree and RVD hits both of them consecutively with the Five Star Frog Spash, but Cena sneaks in a roll-up to eliminate RVD first. Cena hits the FU on Dupree but Booker hits Cena with the Scissors Kick before pinning Dupree. Booker quickly pin Cena, but only gets 2. End sees Cena counter the Scissors Kick into the FU to retain the championship. This wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. The live crowd really didn’t seem to get into it until the end.
Match Rating: **1/2

Cena passes Charlie Haas and Ms. Jackie backstage and they congratulate him. Cena hits on Jackie before moving on. GM Angle then gets on Haas’ case for hanging around the likes of Cena when he used to be Angle’s protégé. Angle tells Haas his match with Luther Reigns is next.
Sable in the hot tub says she’s gonna interview herself. She says later she’ll beat Torrie as she looks best in red, white and blue.

Charlie Haas with Ms. Jackie VS Luther Reigns with Kurt Angle
Reigns is another big muscle head in black thights. Can’t they think of a different wardrobe for these guys? Don’t know if it was suppose to turn out like this, but Angle has red, white and blue on the back of his wheel chair which looks like a French flag! Luther dominates this match from the start. Haas finally comes back with a BIG Exploder but gets 2 on the cover. Hass hits a good German suplex hold on the big man but gets another 2. Hass misses a corner charge and rams his shoulder into the corner post and Reigns gets the win with an impressive modified neckbreaker/reverse DDT. Fans only got into it at the end when Haas made the come back.
Match Rating: **

John Bradshaw Leyfield gives a good promo about how he’s a great American and how he guarantees he’ll win the world championship.

Chavo Guerrero VS Rey Mysterio – Cruiserweight Championship Match
Rey controls the match early targeting Guerrero’s left arm. Chavo finally get the advantage after dropkicking Mysterio off the top to the floor. He then starts working on Rey’s leg. Mysterio hits a big dive out of the ring on Chavo. Both men slug it out on the top rope before they drive each other to the mat. Chavo tries to slingshot Rey into the corner, but Rey springboards off with a dropkick before taking down Chavo again with a headscissors into a side Russian leg sweep. Chavo comes back and hits the Gory Bomb but only gets 2! Rey hits and Enzuguiri and hits the 619, but Chavo catches Rey out of the West Coast Pop into a single leg crab! Rey fights to get to the ropes and break the hold. Chavo goes for the Gory Bomb again, but Mysterio counters into a sunset flip to win the match! This was awesome as they gave the match enough time and both men sold their injuries well.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Torrie Wilson in the hot tub with Spike Dudley, Billy Kidman and Funaki. The three cruisers argue they would have won the cruiserweight title if they were in the title match until Torrie gets up from the tub revealing her stars and stripes bikini. She says she has to go prepare for her match and after she leave, Funaki says “God bless America!” Heh.

Kenzo Suzuki with Hiroko VS Billy Gunn
Gunn does an ugly fisherman’s suplex hold leaving HIS OWN shoulders on the mat. Suzuki hits his iron claw sweep but doesn’t cover him! Instead hits a big knee drop followed by a shoulder nerve claw. Suzuki is moving really SLOW. Suzuki hits (almost) a Shinning Wizard for a 2 count. Gunn comes back with a big tilt a whirl slam. Suzuki hits a low blow when the ref was shoved off by Gunn and finishes Gunn with a weak looking back breaker from the reverse DDT position. This was OK TV quality stuff, but Suzuki needs to speed up his movements.
Match Rating: **

Paul Heyman with a bound and gagged Paul Bearer. Heyman says no one (including the authorities) believes he’s gonna dump the cement on Bearer later on. Heyman rants on how he’s probably gonna dump the cement whether the Undertaker does the right thing or not.

Sable VS Torrie Wilson
Sable dominates, showing some actual wrestling skill! Sable hits a flipping neckbreaker ala Curt Henning and locks on a cross arm chin lock. Torrie comes back with a big suplex and they slug it out before colliding and butting heads. Sable plays possum as Torrie showed some concern for her, and Sable rolls her up and gets the pin as the referee didn’t notice Torrie’s shoulder was WAY off the mat, but Tazz & Michael Cole point it out.
Match Rating: **

Dawn Marie by the hot tub interviews Rene Dupree. Rene says he’ll protest and get a rematch then tries to hit on Dawn before he gets interrupted by the FBI! Nunzio points out he’s got 15inch feet, and you know what they say about guys with big feet (wink wink). Nunzio leaves with Dawn and Johhny Stamboli mocks Dupree’s manhood.

Mordecai VS Hardcore Holly
This was mostly a slugfest. Holly hits a stun gun, but Mordecai smacks heads with Holly as he rebounds off the ropes. They slug it out some more and Holly hits a flying clothesline off the top rope. Holly hits a reverse DDT for a 2 count. Mordecai hits a Sky High for a 2 count. Holly hits his dropkick for another 2. Mordecai counters the Alabama Slam into his crucifix powerbomb, which finally gets the crowd popping as he gets the 3 count. Started slow, but turned into a short spotfest near the end.
Match Rating: *1/2

John “Bradshaw” Leyfield VS Eddie Guerrero – WWE Championship Bullrope Match
That’s a really short rope their using, and shouldn’t this be the MAINEVENT? The rules state that you can only get disqualified if you intentionally untie yourself from the bullrope. This started out really slow until they took it ourside. Eddie whacks JBL senseless with a steel chair and busts him open. Eddie goes to tap the corners and taps 3, till JBL stops his momentum. Eddie again makes 3 corners before JBL clings to the ropes to stop his momentum. JBL comes back with a DDT. Eddie crotches JBL with the bullrope then hits the triple suplex followed by the frog splash! Eddie gets 3 corners before JBL rolls out of the ring to stop his progress. JBL comes back and smacks Eddie with the cowbell before launching him off the top rope onto the Spanish announce table that DOESN’T break! JBL then powerbombs Eddie through the table! Back in the ring and JBL gets 3 corners before Eddie grabs the bottom rope to stop JBL. JBL whacks Eddie with the cowbell again and gets another 3 corners and struggles with Eddie before Eddie hits him low with the cowbell! Guerrero starts whipping at JBL’s back with the bullrope. Eddie goes for the corners, but JBL follows from behind and also hits the corners. JBL hits Eddie with a Lariat at the 3rd. JBL struggles at the 4th, but Eddie jumps in on JBL and tags the corner and wins the match!!!
WAIT A MINUTE! GM Angle comes out and points out when Eddie splashed Bradshaw in the corner to tap the pad, Bradshaw’s back hit the corner FIRST! Meaning JBL hits 4 corners first and is the NEW World Champion! JBL celebrates as the fans could care less and Eddie is distraught. After JBL leaves, the fans give Eddie and standing ovation. He acknowledges the cheers but is clearly depressed at losing the title.
Interesting that Angle never came out when Torrie was pinned with her shoulder clearly off the mat. This started off slow, but got good at the end. The crowd mostly came alive for corner tapping, but could care less Bradshaw won and was almost in total silence for his celebration. How long will his reign last is the question now.
Match Rating: **1/2

The Dudley Boys VS The Undertaker – Concrete Crypt Match
Heyman buries Bearer up to his ankles in cement to test Undertaker’s loyalties. Bubba demands Taker do the right thing and lay down for them. Taker lays down and Bubba get on top, but Taker chokes him! D-Von comes in and gets choke! Heyman distracts Taker before he can follow up and the Dudleys start beating on Taker. Taker comes back and sends them to the outside. Undertaker goes for Old-School, and Paul pulls the lever filling more concrete into the tank. Taker stops his offense and the Dudleys beat on him again. Taker gets the advantage again and goes after Heyman. Heyman says he’ll bury Bearer if he takes a step further. The Dudleys attack Taker from behind and he stumbles forward. Heyman pulls the lever as Taker “took another step forward”, and just as the cement reaches Bearers neck, Bubba pulls the lever down and says Heyman started it, but the Dudleys want to finish the match with Taker. Taker gets beat down a bit before Taker mounts a comeback. Taker hits Old-School on Bubba Ray and tries for the Tombstone on D-Von, but D-Von floats over and hits a low blow. Heyman makes his way to ringside and Taker sits up! Bubba attacks Taker, but gets chokeslammed. Taker then Tombstones D-Von for the win.
Match Rating: **

Heyman goes to pull the lever to dump the cement of Bearer, but a lightning strike comes out of nowhere sending Heyman stumbling back! Taker makes his way to Bearer and salutes Bearer, and then goes to the cement truck. He glares at the lever then tells Bearer he has no choice and to “Rest In Peace” before pulling the lever himself! Show ends with Taker leaving as Paul Bearer gets “buried” in cement.

Overall: So the show ends on a swerve? Can’t wait to see the dumb explanation they give for that one. The overall show was ok. Match of the night was definitely the cruiserweight title match. Bradshaw’s title win was most definitely a sympathy prize, but they played it out well and should be interesting to see how they follow it up.
PPV Rating: **1/2


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