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Friday, June 25, 2004

Great American Bash PPV Predictions

WWE's first Great American Bash PPV (Shame on them if they think there's will be related in anyway to the original NWA/WCW line of shows just cause they own WCW now) is just around the corner and on the final SmackDown before they PPV they only have FIVE matches announced! Way it go creative team! Guess they aren't really that creative now aren't they? Anyways, here are my predictions for the matches announced up to this point. There either gonna add more meaningless matches at the last minute, or we can pray Rey Mysterio and Chavo Jr go 60 minutes!

Eddie Guerrero VS John Bradshaw Leyfield - WWE Championship Texas Bullrope Match
- Guerrero wins, unless Vince decides to give the title to JBL out of pity for losing his job at CNBC.

John Cena VS Booker T VS Rob Van Dam VS Rene Dupree - US Championship
- This match will probably be after the Concrete Crypt Match, and Angle will send someone to screw Cena out of the title. Or the screwjob could lead to Cena helping Taker later. I say Dupree will pull off the darkhorse win.

Rey Mysterio VS Chavo Guerrero Jr - Cruiserweight Championship
- This will easilly be the best match of the night if not the four way US title match. Rey Mysterio retains the title since there's no one left to help Chavo right now, and hopefully some fresh faces will get their shot after this like maybe Paul London for one.

The Undertaker VS The Dudley Boys - Concrete Crypt Match
- Shouldn't this be more of an angle than a match since if the Undertaker doens't "do the right thing", Paul Bearer gets burried alive in concrete? And will the cops be on stand by to arrest Paul Heyman for attempted murder? John Cena saves Bearer, leaving Undertaker free to whoop the Dudleys, but expect a post match beat down by Mordecai.

Torrie Wilson VS Sable
- This will be short that's for sure. And maybe even the outfits they'll be wearing! Torrie wins, Sable gets stripped to please the guys, then Torrie takes it off herself. The usually cycle.

Billy Gunn VS Kenzo Suzuki
- Yeah, I predict this match is gonna happen and I predict Suzuki wins it.


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