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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Gone, but he still holds the gold!

One half of the All Japan tag team champions, Kendo KaShin, has been fired from All Japan. However, he's STILL one half of the tag champions, his partner being New Japan ace Yuji Nagata. At this point KaShin is not scheduled to compete in All Japan's July tour, but if he does it's as a freelancer. Personally, I think if they were gonna fire him, they should also have stripped him of the tag belts like they did the Jr title when he walked out on the company a few months back.
Seriously, I HATE KaShin. There, I said it. Why? I have yet to see him have an entertaining match, and His attitude (gimmick or not) SUCKS! The guy always thinks he's such a big shot cause he won a few MMA matches. And remember when he walked out on AJPW cause he complained about Mutoh's booking decisions? He sure came back in a hurry to protest getting stripped of the AJPW Jr Title, which he had a strangle hold on for almost TWO YEARS! How Nagata can stand being around him is beyond me. KaShin has been known to abuse his tag partners who he considers are lower down the food chain from him, but the guy is smart enough not to piss off Nagata, instead influencing him to do his dirty work (his quest to unify the IWGP & AJPW Tag Titles). I'm really interested to see how he functions with Ebessan when they tagged together on the last tour.
Right now I'm hoping KENTA uses KaShin's head as a kicking post when they clash at the NOAH Tokyo Dome show for the GHC Jr Tag Titles. And I hope to NEVER see KaShin soil a NOAH ring with his presence ever again after that. Unless it's for Kobashi to drive through the mat with a Burning Hammer or Diamondhead.


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