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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Matches added to the Bash

Three more matches have been added to tomorrow's WWE Great American Bash PPV. As I expected, Billy Gunn faces off with Kenzo Suzuki. Below are the other two matches added and my predictions:

Hardcore Holly VS Mordecai
- So it's the guy that hates putting over anyone he doesn't deam as worthy against the new guy that Vince is heavilly into. It'll be interesting to see how this ends. Mordecai wins in around 5 minutes. Not even Michael Hayes can save Holly from losing this one.

Charlie Haas VS Luther Reigns
- Haas' partner gets put on the shelf, so he's left as fodder material for the big guys? A sucker's bet is Luther wins, and that's who I'm going with.

So at the last minute creative thinks up 3 matches to fill out the card. But here's one thing that dissapoints me, WHERE ARE THE OTHER CRUISERWEIGHTS? That Battle Royal on Thursday set up alot of possibilities for matches (London-Nunzio for example). They'll most probably put it on HEAT, but they seriously could have had a big six-man spotfest or something for the pay per view, or the last two guys eliminated (Kidman and Noble) could have been in a match to determine who faces the winner of Mysterio/Chavo on next week's SmackDown. So many possibilities and a CREATIVE TEAM can't think of anything.


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