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Monday, June 14, 2004

WWE Badd Blood PPV report

La Resistance VS Edge & Chris Benoit - Tag Team Titles
Ok opener, but nothing special compared to the brilliant tag bouts they've been putting on for free on RAW these past few weeks. They teased to desention between Edge & Benoit again. Edge almost accidentally speared Benoit again, but this time Edge managed to put on the breaks in time. Benoit manages to lock the Crossface on Grenier when Kane runs in and attacks Benoit and Edge causing a DQ. Kane chokeslams Benoit before ramming his back into the steel steps.
Match Rating: **

Chris Jericho VS Tyson Tomko
Good debut for the big man. Tomko attacked Jericho's bad ribs throughout the match. I think this was also the first match in a long time where Jericho missed the Lionsault but didn't land on his feet. Tomko powers out of several Walls of Jericho attempts before Trish Stratus gets involved but instead she accidently gets knocked off the apron by Tomko! Jericho then picks up the win with his SWEET shinning enzuigiri!
Match Rating: **

Interview with Randy Orton and he goes off on the live crowd for booing him. He decides to go out into the crowd to brag some more about himself and about how he is the definition of true greatness. Shelton Benjamin then comes out and wants their match to start now since both men are there with their gear on. Orton tries to back out but a referee quickly runs in and calls for a bell starting the match!

Randy Orton VS Shelton Benjamin - Intercontinental Title
Very good match betweent the two. Cool spot sees both men slug out,trading punches back and forth puroresu style! Another cool spot was Orton picking Benjamin up in a Canadian backbreaker before dropping Benjamin down in a neckbreaker! Benjamin hits his T-Bone slam but Flair pulls Orton's leg on the ropes right in front of the ref! Benjamin goes after Flair drags him into the ring. The crowd BOOS Benjamin when he locks a figure four on Flair! Several near falls later and Orton steals the win as he rolls through a cross-body off the top and hooks the tights for the win.
Match Rating: ***

Backstage and Lita & Matt Hardy are about to get intimate when GM Bischoff comes in with a platoon of security guards to escort Hardy from the arena on the chance the he might be planning on attacking Kane later (I wonder why? It's not like Matt KNOWS what happened the past few weeks). Hardy leaves when Bisch threatens to have Lita removed from the title match.

Trish Stratus VS Gail Kim VS Victoria VS Lita - Women's Title
This was a entertaining match as all four did good work. Lita got the pin on Trish at one point, but Tomko pulled Lita off by the hair, so the referee ejected him from ringside. Lita hits a reverse Twist of Fate on Trish, but Gail makes the save and locks a stretch muffler on Lita before Victoria makes the save! Gail comes off the ropes and locks on the flying headscissors armlock, but Trish broke it up. Gail slammed Trish and locks on a dragon sleeper before Victoria breaks that up! Lita and Victoria then went at it before colliding and sending Victoria out of the ring. Gail and Lita then go at it and Gail misses a corner charge and Lita hits her sweeping DDT, but Trish rolls up Lita out of nowhere to win the match and become a record FIVE time Women's Champion!
Match Rating: ***

Jonathan Coachman VS Eugene
This was just a comedy match. Coach tried distracting Eugene with a bikini-clad babe with a tray of cookies! Garrison Cade got involved but was accidentally knocked off the apron by Coach! Eugene then hits a Rock Bottom followed by the People's Elbow for the win! Eugene then hit a Stone Cold Stunner on Cade before also giving one to Coach!
Match Rating: *

Kane VS Chris Benoit - World Heavyweight Title
This was alot better than I expected it to be as they kept a good pace going. Kane powered out of Benoit's early attempts at the Crossface and the Sharpshooter. Benoit manages to hit the triple German on Kane, but Kane sits up as Benoit goes up for the swandive, so Benoit gives him THREE MORE Germans before nailing the swandive headbutt! Kane rallies back and connects with the chokeslam! But Benoit kicked out at 2! Benoit then catches Kane off the top rope into the Crossface out of a flying clothesline! Kane powers up, but Benoit switches to Kane's other arm! Benoit then quickly rolls up to get the win and retain the title!
Match Rating: ***1/2

Triple H VS Shawn Michaels - Hell In The Cell Match
Big back and forth match as both men literally try to kill each other. HBK countered a Pedigree with a low blow. HBK missed a Sweet Chin Music and HHH rammed the steel steps into his head. HBK whacks HHH senseless with two HUGE chair shots. HBK gets a LADDER out from under the ring and rams it into HHH's head before driving it several times into his abdomen. HBK counters a Pedigree and slingshots him into the ladder in the corner. HHH sends HBK shoulder first HARD into the corner. HHH gets a TABLE out from under the ring. HBK fights back, sets up HHH on the table and drives him through it with an elbow drop off the ladder! HBK covers but only gets 2! HHH counters Sweet Chin Music with a low blow and nails the Pedigree! HHH covers and only gets 2! Both men struggle to their feet and HBK connects with Sweet Chin Music! HBK slowly crawls over and covers but only gets 2! Both men struggle to their feet again and HHH hits a 2nd Pedigree! They both struggle up to their feet again and HHH hits his 3RD Pedigree and finally manages to get the three count at 47:26 to end the match!!!
Match Rating: ****

Post match, Evolution come out to help HHH back. HBK slowly gets to his feet and gets a standing ovation from the crowd for his efforts as the show ends.

Overall: The main event lived up to the hype big time I guess. Who would ever have though we'd see a 47 minute match in the WWE in this day and age? Match Of The Year? Maybe. Kane/Benoit was also suprisingly better than I expected. I also wished they had given the Women's title match more time. OK show overall.


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