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Friday, April 23, 2004

Jim Ross has some unkind words about puroresu

Jim Ross was the guest on Byte This!, and when asked about Stone Cold Steve Austin possibly wrestling in Japan, he made a very un-called for comment that "Their desperate" and "Japanese wrestling is sucking pond water"!
If that's true, then it must be pretty sweet compared to the toilet water WWE is spiking their talent with. Remember, guys like D-Lo Brown, Jamal, Justin Credible, Mike 'The Gladiator' Awesome, Spanky and others who have had less than stellar careers in WWE have found a place overseas where they can work regularly, by that I mean they actually get to WORK and not just be fodder.
JR, you can call them desperate, but at least Japanese promotions aren't so high on themselves that they can welcome talent exchanges between each other, unlike WWE where they consider themselves the ONLY wrestling promotion in America and other feds don't exist except promotions they have already conquered (WCW, ECW).
And if I were given the choice, I'd rather drink the 'pond water' than the crap Vince spikes your drinks with.



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