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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

WWE RAW in Calgary......Alberta, Canada!

WWE RAW live in Canada kicks off with Chris Jericho VS Christian. WWE sure has a bad habit of re-matching PPV matches on free TV on the following week’s show, don’t they? This was an excellent match! Even better than their WrestleMania XX match! They did a big spot where Y2J connects with a super butterfly suplex off the top! Christian broke out a reverse swinging DDT! Y2J hits the shinning enzuguiri, but Trish distracts the referee. Y2J tries for the Walls of Jericho, when suddenly a huge man runs in and gives Jericho a big boot to the face! Christian covers and gets the win!
Back from commercial and Christian introduces the mystery man as Tyson Tomco.

World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit comes out to a standing ovation. Benoit gives props to the late Stu Hart for training him. He then goes through a brief history leading up to winning the Royal Rumble, the World Title at WMXX and tapping out HBK last night at Backlash. Benoit says he’s proven he’s for real, which brings out HBK Shawn Michaels. HBK gets incredible heel heat from the crowd and challenges Benoit for a title match right here and now which Benoit accepts! Their about to get it on when Eric Bischoff comes out and declares the match will take place in two weeks in Phoenix, Arizona! The crowd is not thrilled with the announcement but Benoit and HBK shake hands to seal the deal. So WWE now has two weeks to turn HBK heel in the states?

WWE Women’s Championship as Victoria defends against Molly Holly. A rematch from WrestleMania XX. Great match with a faster pace as compared to the title match from Backlash. Victoria debuts a new split leg ducking move which brings a smile to all the guys in the audience. Victoria tries a hair throw but pulls off Molly’s wig instead! Molly freaks out and goes ballistic on Victoria before locking on a rear naked choke and doesn’t release the hold till she got disqualified! Good match and good story-telling!

Evolution arrive at the arena and HHH learns about the Benoit/HBK title match in two weeks. HHH claims that it’s his match and walks off in anger.
Eerie Kane promo as Kane says he’s been week for the past few months, but will resurface feasting on the fear of the masses. Kane claims he hungers for sacrifice, and will get it.
Bisch and Johnny Nitro are watching the Kane promo backstage and freak out. William Regal walks in and asks to not be Eugene’s babysitter anymore. Bisch said the job is not optional and threatens to put him in a match with Kane as the ‘sacrifice’ if he doesn’t go and find Eugene, who disappeared while they were playing hide and seek.

Randy Orton came out and gave an excellent promo about his match with Mick Foley at Backlash about how he overcame all the odds that were in Foley’s favor. Orton claims he walked into Backlash a legend killer, but walked out a living legend. Edge comes out an proclaims he hates Orton and dares him to spit in his face even though he’s not a legend. Orton declines and gets decked by Edge! Flair and Batista run in and beat down Edge, Benoit runs in for the save, but himself gets blindsided by HHH. The two Canadians are left laying. Bisch comes out as Evolution celebrate and declares Flair and Batista will defend the tag team titles in tonight’s main event against the battered team of Edge and Benoit.

Jonathan Coachman comes out and introduces Garrison Cade before joining the announce team. Cade opponent is Tajiri, who Cade helped Coach defeat at Backlash. Cade dominates the match with his size advantage. Tajiri makes a comeback, but misses a springboard moonsault and Cade wins the match with a top rope elbow drop. Huh?

SmackDown Rebound airs with Big Show’s award winning performance where he lost to Eddie Guerrero then had to quit, he thought Torrie was laughing at him and destroyed her car with his bare hands before flipping it over. He then threatened to toss Torrie off the balcony, but GM Kurt Angle was instead chokeslammed off to the floor and left in a heap and bleeding.

Back to RAW and Eugene is in the ring with Lilian Garcia shooting T-shirts into the crowd with an air-gun. Regal comes out to collect Eugene but accidentally gets shot in the crotch with a high pressure T-shirt! Fun moment, an there was even a big Eugene chant.

The next match was scheduled to be a mix tag match with Val Venis and Lita VS Matt Hardy and Gail Kim, but Kane comes out and destroys Val before setting his sights on Lita. Then Matt Hardy turns face and runs in to save Lita but gets destroyed right in front of a terrified Lita. Lets hope Matt’s face turn is permanent and finally gets him some wins.

World Tag Team Championship Match: Ric Flair and Batista VS Edge and Chris Benoit. AWESOME CONTEST! Great action from start to finish and the heat was off the charts! HHH tries to interfere at the end but HBK runs in and gives him Sweet Chin Music as Edge hits the Spear on Batista to win the tag titles!!!
Match Rating:****

Overall: WWE always seem to deliver great shows in Canada and this was no exception! Some good new feuds and story lines were established, new talent introduced, and a great ending to send the fans home happy!



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