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Friday, March 26, 2004

The Final update for awhile

This will be my final puroresu update for about two weeks as I'll be away to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow to attend a training course. So they'll be no RAW report or Spoiling the Illusion next week for all you loyal followers of this blog (Unless I find a cyber cafe somewhere near the hostel I'll be staying at).

Spoiling The Illusion: 9 (Simple cause I can't think of a clever title)

- So why were all the RAW wrestlers that were traded made to look weak since they all lost the final matches on the show? For that matter, the overall theme of the show in some way made SmackDown look like a real 2nd rate show compared to RAW that no one wants to work for save for the guys who are already there. They even made it more evident on Thursday's Smackdown which you can read about below.
- So Trish is bangin' Christian eventhough he was the one that proposed the $1 bet to Jericho? And why didn't Jericho jump Christian in the locker during the draft lottery since they were all in the same room?
- I could probably make it a weekly article for the idiocy that is Jerry 'The King' Lawler. Why wouldn't Spike Dudley be uncontrollably angry after getting beat down by Christian & Trish last week?!?
- They left ALOT of holes in the show this week.
- Low Ki and Christopher Daniels broke up awhile back and now their back together working well without any explanation as to how or why?
- Chris Harris had the match of his life last week, and this week he only gets a BACKSTAGE interview? Couldn't they at least have made it a live in-ring interview?
- If you were in-line to get a tag-title shot, would you sit at home and not show up just cause your partner didn't trust you and TOLD you to stay home? Johnny Swinger would seem do so. And what must he be thinking since Kash replaced him with a partner no-one has even heard of or even know what his name is?!? Geez, when even the announce team and ring-announcer doesn't know what to call the guy, it sort of makes things worse than deliberately forgetting the past like many WWE storylines usually do.
WWE Smackdown
- Am I the only one that gets the feeling that all the material Booker used was originally planned for Triple H?
- And with the exception of the Dudley Boys that didn't wrestle on RAW, doesn't it just hammer it home how low below RAW Smackdown is when all the guys that lost their last RAW matches were all made to look REALLY good on their first night on SmackDown?
- And after all the heat Booker garnered throughout the night, Bradshaw gets the last lick on Eddie Guerrero? I'm all for a Bradshaw push (Seriously!), but to have Booker do all the work and suddenly steal his thunder like that kinda makes me shake my head at the scenario.

Other News and thoughts
10th Champion Carnival participant announced

IWGP Heavyweight Champion Kensuke Sasaki has been announced as the 10th entrant in the upcoming All Japan Champion Carnival! If Sasaki can make a successfull title defence against Bob Sapp on 3/28, than the chances of seeing the IWGP Champion VS the Triple Crown Champion (Kawada) in All Japan during the Carnival becomes very real!



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