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Sunday, April 18, 2004

WWE Backlash Predictions

Considering whats on the undercard, I'm predicting two LONG main events! Make no mistake about it, this PPV is all about the two main events and everything else is just there to fill in the three-hour time slot.

Jonathan Coachman VS Tajiri
- Tajiri wins and hopefully this 'match' will be VERY short. I'm also praying this match serves the purpose of at least debuting a new talent to 'save' coach.

Christian and Trish Stratus VS Chris Jericho
- It's so easy to point the finger and say Jericho will get his revenge, but gonna go the other way and say Christian & Trish win due to Jericho concentrating too much on Trish leaving himself open for Christian to nail the Unprettier from behind.

Kane VS Edge
- Despite being an unstoppable monster up till he was squashed by the Undertaker at WrestleMania XX, Kane is again stopped here by the returning Edge. Hopefully they don't make it a clean loss for the Big Bald Machine.

Victoria VS Lita - Women's Championship
- Victoria retains as there's no purpose for Lita to hold the title at this time.

Ric Flair VS Sheldon Benjamin
- Flair's role in WWE now is the veteran that puts the younger guys over so Triple H can squash them later to make his legend bigger than Flair. Therefore, Benjamin wins despite interference from Batista at ringside.

Randy Orton VS Cactus Jack - Intercontinental Championship
There's gonna be ALOT of blood spilt here. And after bumping his ass off throughout the match, Orton gets the win as I don't see the point of putting the IC title on Foley. But they could still have one more match down to road to put an end to the feud.

Chris Benoit VS Shawn Michaels VS Triple H
I'm going with Chris Benoit eventhough I have a really bad feeling HHH is gonna win back the title for the um-teenth time.



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