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Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Orton VS Foley - Was the match a big deal?

Zach Arnold at Puroresu Power brought up a good point about yesterday's Backlash match between Randy Orton VS Mick Foley. It's a good point that I would have to agree with. Orton and Foley had a certifide Death Match which is very common in Japan and even US indy feds like CZW and the now defunct XPW. And let's not forget old-school ECW. You probably saw the clips of Foley's run in IWA Japan during the buildup video before the match. The thing is, nobody gave a damn about most of those feds cause they were considered garbage matches, unlike the pure wrestling normally delivered by WWE.

Foley and Orton put on one hell of a barbaric match yesterday and the live crowd ate it up. I myself was suprised and impressed at the violence put out in the match. That kind of brutality only rears it's ugly head once in a blue moon on WWE TV. Fans are already raving at how this is match of the year material since most fans rarely get to watch matches like these, and No, those crappy Hardcore title matches don't count. So just why the heck is what they did MOTY material when the same work being done in Japan and the indy circuit is considered 'garbage wrestling'?

And now that both men went through hell to get Orton over in the end. How will Orton continue to remain over in the long term? Anyone remember Steve Blackman? You know, the guy that had an awesome Hardcore title match with Shane McMahon where he jumped off the Titantron to hit an elbow drop to win the match? Or will Orton end up like Steve Corino and have to bleed buckets every night to hide his limited wrestling ability so everyone remembers who he is? Only time will tell.



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