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Friday, April 09, 2004

Dreamstage Entertainment bars sales of ZERO-ONE Tapes!

This was a huge shocker to myself when I first read the report. Since Dreamstage Entertainment now has ties to All Japan (WRESTLE1) and Zero-One (as well as PRIDE), they will be taking legal action against bootleggers and tape dealers in the United States that sell unauthorised tapes of shows and events from the promotions. What that means now is that if any of us want to watch any Zero-One shows (and maybe AJPW later), then we have to wait for official releases. It's kinda like the video piracy deal that goes on here in Malaysia, except they actually know where to look for the bootleggers since they sell their wares online.
Already many of the sites I regularly get tapes from have pulled their complete Zero-One tape lists from their sites and some have removed their All Japan tapes as well. Curse the luck as I was planning some big Zero-One orders.

WWE Releases Sean O'Haire!!!
If the above news wasn't shocking enough, I also just found out that sometime last week Sean O'Haire was released from WWE! WHY?!? They keep dull guys like Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade around, but release one of the potentially most intruiging gimmicks they ever came up with? And O'Haire was also good wrestler to boot! Is it any wonder WWE is re-cycling older wrestlers (Hardcore Holly, Bradshaw, etc) when they could have better benefitted from pushing NEW faces for a change? Like many, I honestly believe letting O'Haire go was a BIG mistake!

Sheriff Austin rides off into the sunset?
Stone Cold Steve Austin hit a snag during his contract renegotiations and now seems to be on the outs with WWE again, and this time it might be for good! That was why Austin was absent from RAW this past week. I bet Rene Dupree wishes he had left about two weeks earlier! All I can say is at least now the actual WRESTLERS can go about their business without any fear of being punked out by a criple that can't even wrestle a full match, yet cannot be stopped by wrestlers who are in the peak of physical condition and health. I can appreciate all Austin has done in the past, but like many nowadays just can't stand current position.


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