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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

SmackDown's new GM

Less than 24hours after watching one of the best episode of RAW in a long time, already many changes have been made since the innitial draft lottery.
WWE.com has already broke the story that the new General Manager for SmackDown replacing Paul Heyman will be none other than former WWE Champion and our Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!!!
And Angle has already gotten to work restructuring SmackDown and trading talent! The biggest and most shocking being that TRIPLE H was traded back to RAW for Booker T and the Dudley Boys! 3 for 1!
Also traded was A-Train and the FBI's Chuck Palumbo for Rico and Ms. Jackie. More of a Velocity for Heat talent trade.
This is really interesting as I thought for sure Paul Heyman would trade himself back to Smackdown for HHH. For sure, now it means every week we're still stuck with HHH's endless ranting, and you can count on it that he'll be the man that de-thrones Benoit as World Champion. So instead of a new beginning, we really are gonna be stuck with the same old RAW.
As for SmackDown, it'll be interesting to see how Angle's GM role plays out. Will he be a heel or a face? Afterall, his last match was as a heel, so will he have any ill-feelings towards Eddie Guerrero?
I don't think I'll have any problems with Angle as GM, as long as he doesn't pull an Austin and Angle Slam or Ankle Lock any of the workers who disagree with his decisions. But on the plus side, it was a good call to put Angle in a none-wrestling role since he's facing another career ending injury. Unfortunately, it also means that Paul Heyman is taken off TV. Hopefully, Heyman can come back in some kind of agent/manager role and his current hiatus won't be for long.



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