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Sunday, April 18, 2004

The Return of: Spoiling The Illusion

I honestly didn't feel like writting a column this week as I didn't really pay much attention to the western wrestling scene this past week. But then I thought to myself how I owed it to all my fans who have missed it for the past two weeks. Aren't I just considerate to my fans?

- Victoria is scheduled to defend the Women's Championship against Lita on PPV tomorrow. So where the hell was she for the past two weeks? Couldn't they at least have let her come out to watch Lita VS Trish this past week? Heck, even a backstage segment would have helped show some importance to the match. For her to not be around and just show up to retain the title after the buildup they gave Lita seems pointless to me, unless Lita DOES win the title out of nowhere, thus, burrying Victoria's push....

- Isn't re-instating the 'title changes hands on a disqualification' rule the dumbest move since getting disqualified for throwing people over the top rope in the old WCW/NWA days? And will that mean every world title match now be under no disqualification or street fight rules or something to that extent?

WWE SmackDown
- Anyone else noticed how the cruiserweights have been absent for the past two weeks? Even Cruiserweight ace Rey Mysterio hasn't even had a match on Velocity! And cruiserweight champion Chavo Guerrero Jr. was basically squashed by John Cena this past week. Guess the time of having cruiserweights put on some of the best darn matches on free TV is over.
- OH MY GOD! YOU KILLED ANGLE! YOU BASTARD! Seriously, wouldn't this have been a better way to get Paul Heyman off of TV instead of having him quit a few weeks back? Or is this how they plan to bring Heyman back? Or even worse....Stephanie McMahon?!!



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