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Monday, July 12, 2004

WWE Vengeance PPV Results

The opening built up the main event better than they actually did on RAW all month!

Garrison Cade & Jonathan Coachman VS Tajiri & Rhyno
Last minute match made on Heat where Coach & Tajiri got to choose their own partners. Pretty much predictable Rhyno would be Tajiri’s partner. This was shockingly GOOD!!! I hate to say it, but if Coach worked on his ring skills a bit, he could really be a contender. Great ending sequence of the match saw Coach duck Tajiri’s mist, but Cade took all of it right in the face! Even his hair turned green like the Hurricane! Coach then dodges the Gore, but Cade again took the direct hit from Rhyno (the whole arena shouted GORE!!!). Coach checks on Cade and turns around to finally take Tajiri’s wicked head kick finisher to give Tajiri the win, and end Coach’s PPV undefeated streak. This was a really fun opener that got the fans riled up for the night.
Match Rating: ***

Backstage, Evolution question Triple H’s decisions about keeping Eugene around. HHH notices Eugene is missing and goes looking for him and finds him talking with Chris Benoit, who warns Eugene to be careful about HHH & Evolution.

Chris Jericho VS Batista
Suprisingly good back and forth match. Batista attacked Jericho’s back throughout the match. Crowd was actually into Batista. Finish saw Batista hit his sit out powerbomb finisher and gets the win, but the referee didn’t see Jericho’s leg on the rope.
Match Rating: ***

The brainwashing of Eugene continues as HHH tells Eugene everything Benoit says were all lies. He then bribes ‘Gene with a ‘gift’, as Flair reluctantly presents him with one of his signature robes.

La Resistance VS Ric Flair & Eugene – World Tag Team Titles
Eugene starts off the match stealing all of Flair’s mannerisms, even down to how he collapses which didn’t sit well with Flair. Flair tags in and goes to school on La Resistance till the tag champs get the advantage back on Flair. Flair rallies back and tries for a tag, but Conway attacks Eugene on the outside, which causes him to snap and attack the tag champs, hitting a Stunner, a Rock Bottom and a People’s Elbow before getting disqualified for hitting the referee. This was a good match too and Flair didn’t look as vulnerable as he did in the past.
Match Rating: ***

Quote of the night from King as he says, making reference to Matt Hardy, that a lot of people in WWE have been making a lot of bad decisions lately. How true…

Kane VS Matt Hardy – No Disqualification, No Count Out Match
Kane overpowers Hardy early on. Hardy gets the advantage as Kane gets knocked off the apron and his leg gets caught between the ropes. Kane powers back, but Hardy counters the Tombstone into a Twist of Fate! Kane comes back and hits the chokeslam on Hardy. Kane grabs the ring steps, but Lita runs in and begs off Kane. Kane gets her out of the ring and picks up the steps again, but gets the steps whacked into his face by Matt with a steel chair! Matt covers and gets the win!
Match Rating: **

Lita tries to talk to Matt backstage, but Matt tells her to stay away from the ring since she’s pregnant.

Edge VS Randy Orton – Intercontinental Title
Fans actually chant for Orton and boo Edge during the match. Great back and forth match again. Edge hits the Edge-Cution, which he hasn’t used in a long while, and Orton kicks out. Orton removes the corner pad, but pays for it as he gets whipped into it himself and Edge hits the spear to win the title and finally dethrone the long reigning champion. Crowd cheers the win, but starts booing again and sing the goodbye song to Orton, who looks like he’s about to cry. Match of the night so far.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Molly Holly VS Victoria – Women’s Title No.1 Contenders Match
Molly focused her attack on Victoria’s left shoulder. Victoria rallies back and tries for the Widow’s Peak, but can’t hold Molly due to the bad arm. Victoria picks up the win with a sick superkick out of nowhere, knocking out Molly to become no.1 contender.
Match Rating: **

Triple H VS Chris Benoit – World Heavyweight Title
It’s only 10:08 as Benoit steps into the ring, so I’m guessing we’re in for another LOOONNGG main event. Some mat work to start off before HHH takes control. HHH attacks Benoit’s sternum, relentlessly ramming him chest first into the corner several times, as well as using gordbuster suplexes. Benoit counters a Pedigree into a sharpshooter, then hits the triple German. HHH rolls out of the ring and Benoit follows through with a suicide dive ala Mitsuharu Misawa! Back in the ring, HHH takes out the ref and calls out Eugene! Benoit locks on the Crossface as Eugene comes out. Benoit screams at Eugene to get the referee, but Eugene gets on the apron instead forcing Benoit to knock him off the apron, not taking any chances. HHH takes advantage and hits a low blow followed by the Pedigree. The referee revives and only counts two as Benoit kicks out. HHH screams at Eugene to get a chair and he does, but refuses to give it to HHH, causing HHH to knock him off the apron to get the chair. Benoit rallies back and hits HHH with the chair, as well as Flair and Batista who try to help HHH. Benoit hesitates as Eugene gets in the ring. HHH takes down Benoit and as both men are down, Eugene picks up the chair and can’t decide whether to hit Benoit or HHH, Benoit gets up and struggles with Eugene to get the chair. As HHH gets up, Benoit releases his grip and Eugene’s momentum causes him to hit HHH with the chair! Benoit rolls up HHH and the referee counts three for Benoit to retain the title!
Show ends with HHH looking really pissed at Eugene for costing him the title as his master plan backfired. Eugene looks scared and concerened.
Match Rating: ****

Overall: Another RAW PPV with poor buildup, but the match quality more than made up for it. Lots of great ring work throughout and the live crowd was into every match. Great show!


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