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Sunday, July 11, 2004

WWE Vengeance PPV Predictions

WWE pulled a Great American Bash by only having 5 matches announced a week before the PPV, most were made that last week too and one announced just yesterday! Most probably a match or two will be thrown in at the PPV tomorrow, or we’re in for a LONG night of bad promos and segments.

Chris Benoit VS Triple H – World Heavyweight Championship
- I hate to say it, but with Eddie Guerrero losing the WWE Title to John Bradshaw Leyfield, the chances of HHH winning the title here are VERY high, especially when you bring in the Eugene factor. Add to the fact that they haven’t done ANYTHING with Benoit to get him over in the past few weeks. HHH was all over the place, and the only time we’ve seen Benoit was when he had to come out and wrestle. Heck, they had Edge come out to confront HHH on RAW instead of Benoit. The flipside would be Eugene accidentally costing HHH the title, but Benoit has no one left to feud with at the moment. Therefore, as much as I hate to call it, HHH wins the title for the umpteenth time with help from Eugene.

Randy Orton VS Edge – Intercontinental Championship
- Orton is the longest running IC champ in a while, and Edge is on a hot streak. Edge has pledged to take out Evolution one by one starting with Orton. Will he get the job done? I hate to say it, but NO. With HHH destined to win back the World Title, Evolution will once again dominate RAW (and it’s air time), and Edge together with Jericho and Benoit will be the trio chasing after them. Orton will win after interference like always.

La Resistance VS Ric Flair & Eugene – World Tag Team Championship
- I’ll admit this is gonna be a bit tough to call, as having Eugene and Flair hold the tag titles would keep Eugene in Evolution longer, hence HHH gets more heat off him. On the other hand, it would also kill all the momentum Rhyno had as he’s been chasing La Resistance for the past two weeks with different partners, and having him beat them after they lose the straps brings down the value of the win. Therefore, I’ll go against my better judgment (something WWE does often) and pick the tag champs to retain.

Batista VS Chris Jericho
- Jericho wins. What would the point be of him NOT winning?

Matt Hardy VS Kane – No Disqualification Match
- Doesn’t this sound familiar? Kane goes on a unstoppable rampage, but gets stopped by the little guy in a No DQ match, Last Man Standing match, etc. So I guess Matt is gonna win here. I also expect Lita to take some kind of bump that will cause her to miscarriage the hellspa…er, baby, OR after Matt wins the uphill battle, Lita comes out and says Kane is the father of their troubles.

Molly Holly VS Victoria
- Nidia beat both these gals on RAW for a number one contendership, yet these two are the ones on PPV? Could be worse I guess. Victoria wins since there’s no logic in having Molly win to face a heel Trish Stratus. Then again, WWE doesn’t believe in logic…


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