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Sunday, June 13, 2004

WWE Badd Blood PPV Predictions

Eugene VS Jonathan Coachman
- Eugene wins despite interference from Garrison Cade.

Chris Jericho VS Tyson Tomko
- Tomko wins with help from Trish and the returning Christian.

Victoria VS Gail Kim VS Lita VS Trish Stratus - WWE Women's Title
- If it was one on one, I'd easilly pick Gail to win the title, but since everyone else is now involved I'll go with Victoria retaining before losing it to Gail in a singles match on RAW.

Randy Orton VS Shelton Benjamin - Intercontinental Title
- Despite looking bad this past week on RAW, I can see Benjamin winning the match, but not the title due to outisde interference.

La Resistance VS Chris Benoit & Edge - Tag Team Titles
- With the oh so obvious heel turn of Edge looming on the horizon, expect La Resistance to retain due to another misscomunication between the two challengers.

Chris Benoit VS Kane - World Heavyweight Championship
- Benoit retains to go on to feud with Edge, and Kane goes back to stalking Lita and beating up undercard guys.

Triple H VS Shawn Michaels - Hell In The Cell Match
This definately should be entertaining, and I'll admit it's not gonna be easy to pick a winner. If HHH wins he goes on to continue his never ending World title chase. If HHH loses, He STILL goes on to continue his never ending World title chase. HBK on the other hand would have no one left to feud with if he loses, though he'd probably dissappear for a while before returning later. So I'll pick HHH to win this.


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