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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

WWE has a bad habit of using the two months they have between brand PPVs to build up the main events, but only announce the undercard on the last show before the actual PPV. Like I've mentioned before, the main event of the card is the main selling point of the show, but it's the overall product that will usually gets people to shell out their money. It would also probably help the live attendance numbers if they knew in advance what's on the whole show for the evening. Then again, WWE may also have so little faith in their undercard that they might think announcing the full card in advance might turn off the fans from watching the show. Heck, their using Benoit TWICE on the same PPV.

- Sure we know Batista is a monster, but for God sakes, Tajiri got in more offense than what Shelton Benjamin got in this past Monday. And Benjamin has a PPV match this Sunday. Despite having Orton cost him the match, WWE seriously could have booked this one alot better to make Benjamin more credible. And why didn't HBK come out to help Benjamin during the post match beat down?
- Johnny Nitro is a trained wrestler, so why was he more nervous about having a match with Eugene than Jonathan Coachman was? And on top of that, he basically got squashed by Eugene.
- I've said it before and I'll say it again, how stupid is it gonna look to have all of us watch it on TV, EXCEPT Matt Hardy who's supposedly sitting at home this week, when Kane met up with Lita, and yet NO ONE is gonna tell him about it next week? How encouraging is it if your own wrestlers don't even watch your product on their down time?


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