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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

I did indeed manage to catch a replay of RAW this past week, but wouldn't you know when I tuned in it would be just AFTER the tag title match?!? Geez.

- Interesting how they made no mention whatsoever about Kane being in Lita's dressing room last week, and no one even bothered to tell Matt about it either after we all saw it on TV, as well as JR & King (and who knows who else backstage) viewing it on the monitors. Someone probably remembered Kane has a World title match in a two weeks and thought it would be better to drop his current storyline to build him up for the match. Too bad they couldn't even get that done right when after weeks of Kane squashing smaller guys in seconds, he suddenly can't even beat Eugene?!? They seriously overprotected Eugene here. There would have been no harm in giving Kane the win here and just destroying him till Benoit made the save. This isn't the first time a referee has been shoved by a wrestler, but to suddenly DQ Kane when Eugene DDT'd him on the chair right in front of the referee just isn't right. And after the match, all of a sudden Kane is unstoppable again? Three words: LACK OF CONSISTANCY.
- Again: I HATE VICTORIA'S NEW ENTRANCE!!! It SO reminds me of Kimberly Page when she aligned herself with Johnny B. Badd in WCW as a dancin' fitness freak. GIMME BACK MY PSYCHO CHICK ALREADY!!!
- Seriously, how many of you out there with half a brain DIDN'T expect Jeff Jarrett to win the world title back just as TNA Impact! is about to premiere?
- So for the past several months back, Eric Watts was cheating on his wife in front of the whole world with Goldylocks and no one made any mention of it 'till now???
- Anyone remember the open letter from Vince Russo a few weeks back where he said he was sick of the wrestling business and the politics involved, and was calling it quits? Yeah, that's him STILL on TV every week since he made the "shocking" announcement. Guess his girlfriend dumped him when she found out he was going quit his job to go to catholic school...
WWE SmackDown
- Is Undertaker really a 'Special Attraction'? Is it really worth it to push his appearances as 'rare' in hopes it will up live attendance, TV ratings and PPV buyrates? 'Taker seriously needs to take a look at HHH on RAW and take a cue from him to put over the new blood. And couldn't 'Taker just report Heyman and the Dudley Boys to the cops for kidnapping charges?
- So Arn Anderson pushes to get Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn on the show at the expense of Rob Van Dam, claiming the two get big pops for their matches? Either old Arn is losing his hearing, or that was some pay-off Bob Holly gave him. And didn't having their match cut from the actual broadcast say it all about what people REALLY think of Holly's matches?
TNA Impact
- Is Chris Harris winning the tag team titles with James Storm for the ump-teenth time a weak consolation prize for not winning the world heavyweight title, and thus ending his big singles push? And can the same be said for A.J. Styles if he wins the X-Division title next week? I can probably understand them doing it to clear the top rung of the ladder so that Jarrett can concentrate on one opponent (Killings or Raven), but does it really have to be Jarrett in the first place as world champion to lead TNA into Impact? Styles VS Killings would have been more interesting as far as match quality goes.


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