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Friday, May 28, 2004

Random News & Thoughts from the past week

Sapp 'loses his smile'
Bob Sapp returned to America and left behind the IWGP title, asking K-1 to RETURN it to New Japan Pro Wrestling! That's right, after his squash loss to Kazuyuki Fujita, the biggest MMA name in Japan is making a run for it, claiming to want to re-train himself from the bottom up as well as heal injuries he got from his fight with Fujita. His 2nd title defense was scheduled for 6/5/04 against Hiroshi Tanahashi, but that's pretty much out the window at this point. Even Antonio Anoki himself has patitioned for Sapp to be a man and at least show up in person to surrender the title belt.
The way I see it, Sapp's loss to Fujita at K-1 ROMANEX severly effected his status as a top contender to fight Mike Tyson, and losing any further fights (even pro-wrestling matches) would further run down any drawing power the potential match would have.
Sapp may be protecting his best interest, but he's dissapointing his fans, who made him what he is in Japan today. Almost sounds like Goldberg not wanting to job to smaller guys, does it? But I do agree with Anoki that Sapp should at least hand over the belt in person. He should then tell the world how he lost his smile too...thanks to a well placed kick in the face by Fujita!

HUSTLE house shows?
It's being reported that Nobuhiko Takada plans to start running regular DSE wrestling based Hustle shows at Tokyo's Korakuen Hall, with the first show to be called "HUSTLE HALL" on 6/28/04. Takada also plans to break the tradition of Korakuen by giving the shows 'big production' values instead of the usual house feel of the venue. Great. A WEEKLY Hustle show. Guess we know where to catch the Outsiders from now on.

Misawa-Mutoh Update
It now appears the NOAH Tokyo Dome dream match between Mitsuharu Misawa and All Japan's Keiji Mutoh could possibily end up as a GHC Tag Title Match. Yes, Yoshinari Ogawa has once again slipped into a major storyline. If it happens, who Mutoh would pick right now would be a mystery. He says his ideal choice is Taiyo Kea, but since Kea is currently a heel, it would be out of the question.
I hope it doesn't come down to being a tag match, but it would make sense to have all the titles on the line on the biggest show in NOAH's history. As for Mutoh's partner, Mr. 'Northern Lights' Hiroshi Hase anyone?


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