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Friday, May 28, 2004

Spoiling the Illusion

I take one break from Spoiling the Illusion and RAW quickly takes a potshot at me! But have no fear, Spoiling the Illusion has returned! I would like to note that from now on I will only be centering on WWE RAW since it wouldn't be fair to rant on TNA and Smackdown without actually watching them. But I will mention things from the said shows if something REALLY stupid comes up.

- Didn't we all just KNOW it wasn't HBK in the car HHH & Batista attacked? And how convinient was it for Steven Richards to have his hair dyed blonde this week and to be wearing a suit like HBK did before? Anybody else noticed Richards' car still parked outback when HHH was waiting alone for HBK?
- Wasn't it weird how HHH didn't see HBK coming when he got jumped in the parking lot? He should have seen that coming a mile away before HBK was on screen for him to react. It would have looked more real if they had HHH actually see HBK coming and the two met in the middle instead of HBK getting the one up on him.
- Anybody else catch that phantom 3 count in the Edge/Flair match? How Flair could have miscalculated his timing is beyond me, but the fans didn't buy it when Edge released the pin with no resistance from Flair and the referee just barely stopped himself from tapping the mat a 3rd time.
- OK, this is the part that really got to me this week: If Todd Grisham had been waiting outside Lita's locker all night, how could he not have seen Kane go it? Or that he didn't know Lita wasn't even inside to begin with? And how STUPID is it gonna look next week when they play it out that everyone who saw it on TV and on the monitors knew Kane was there EXCEPT Matt Hardy and that NO ONE TOLD HIM?
- I'll agree Kane is scary now, not in a unstoppable monster way, but more of an unstoppable monster pervert. Even I get disturbed now when the camera pans close up to his face. Yeech.
- I said it in my RAW report, and I'll say it again: WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO TO VICTORIA?!?!?
- I thought it was rather insulting to have Chris Benoit in the room together with the others and threatened by Bischoff with firing them if they didn't help keep HHH & HBK apart. I know HHH would love it, but was Bischoff seriously going to fire a hand-full of workers and road agents, including the reigning world champion, thus allowing them to go to SmackDown just so he could go on a power trip? And if he did fire them, who would be left to stop HHH & HBK? Imagine the hell we would have to endure with an endless HHH & HBK tirade everyweek. Hey, wait a minute.... IT'S ALREADY HAPPENING!


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