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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Was it worth it, Bradshaw?

For those of you who didn't know, during the WWE's tour of Germany this past week in Munich, John Bradshaw Leyfield decided to be smart and get some cheap heat from the German crowd by immitating the German soldier march and then sticking his arm in the air for the Nazi salute. He got more than he bargained for doing that cheap heat stunt as fans were so offended by it that one of them actually tried to attack him! And if you didn't know, it's ILLEGAL to use the former Hitler salute and Bradshaw could easilly have gotten arrested and outright banned from entering the country for his actions, be it for entertainment purposes or not.
If that wasn't bad enough, upon learning of his actions, CNBC has terminated their relationship with Mr. Leyfield, wanting nothing to do with him whether he was acting or not. Nice going, Einstein! Hope the cheap heat was worth losing your stock analyst career over! That's one thing less you have to brag about now and you'll be lucky if anyone from the corporate world would want your stock advice anymore.


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