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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

RAW drips Badd Booking

The final RAW before this weekends Badd Blood pay per view was an OK show, but had me shaking my head at some points.

We start off with Stacy Kiebler coming down to announce the deadline for the $250,000 Diva Search. She then demonstrates they need to learn how to enter the and exit the ring several times, great fan service since she was wearing a pink dress, but wouldn't the WWE get more return on their $250,000 by just recruiting a new wrestler instead of giving it to some bimbo they have to train from scratch and risk getting another Jackie Gayda?
Anyways, Gail Kim interupts and we have our first match which sees Gail losing an OK match to Lita after Lita hits a sweeping DDT.
Backstage and GM Bisch announces Coach VS Eugene for Badd Blood. He then puts Johnny Nitro in a match with Eugene for later tonight with the stipulation that if Nitro loses, he's FIRED.
Next up Batista beat Shelton Benjamin in a near squash with his sit out powerbomb after interferance from Orton and Flair. Benjamin seriously didn't get in much offence here. Guess we'll have a new IC champ this Sunday.
Backstage Edge tells Benoit he made a request for a tag title rematch. Some tension arises as Benoit sticks it Edge about getting speared last week. Coach then comes in to inform Benoit he has a handicap match against both members of La Resistance.
Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko are in the GMs office. Trish states that Lita beat the No.1 contender for the Women's Title, Gail, and that She beat Lita some weeks back. She wants to be no.1 contender, but before Bisch could give his answer, Kane comes in and stares down with Tomko briefly before asking to speak with Bisch in private. I loved the tension during the staredown of the two monsters.
Chris Jericho beat A-Train with the Walls of Jericho. A-Train's first match on RAW since he was traded. Ok match, but the Train has long since been derailed.
HHH comes out and blabs a bit about his match this Sunday with HBK before going up to the sky box for watch the rest of the show. They then play a cool video package highlighting the HBK-HHH feud.
Next match sees tag champions La Resistance defeat World champion Chris Benoit by DQ when Edge runs in and starts cleaning house. This prompts GM Bisch to come out and make their tag title rematch for this Sunday at Badd Blood, meaning Benoit has to work TWICE in one night! Bisch then orders the match to continue, but as a handicap tag match with KANE teaming with La Resistance! End of the match sees Kane get a CLEAN PIN on Benoit with a chokeslam after escaping the Crossface! This was the first time Benoit has been pinned since becoming world champion.
Next up Eugene beat Johnny Nitro in what could be considered a squash as Nitro got next to ZERO offense in on Eugene. Eugene even did a few of the old Junk Yard Dog mannerisms, which was fun to watch and got the crowd going! So Nitro is supposedly fired now.
They announce the Women's title match is now a fatal four way with Victoria defending against Gail Kim, Lita and Trish Stratus.
Backstage Lita is on the phone talking to Matt, and after she hangs up Kane shows up and says it was him that got her into the title match at Badd Blood and that what was going on between them still isn't over. The dumbest angle on the show returns...
Shawn Michaels beat Randy Orton by DQ in a very good main event match when Batista and Flair ran in. HBK took out all 3 of them before running up to the sky box to brawl with HHH to end the show.

Overall, an OK, albeit last minute booked show. WWE has got to learn to stop just building the main events over the course of a month, but only book the mid and undercard a week before the PPV.


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