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Sunday, May 23, 2004

News and Thoughts

New Japan may have actually proven it's motto as the 'King of Sports' when they were victorious in all 5-bouts that featured New Japan representatives VS K-1 fighters.
Blue Wolf made his MMA debut as he totally dominated ex-Zero-One star Tom Howard in 4:44 of the 2nd round when Howards corner threw in the towel. Wolf totally brutalized Howard as he threw wave after wave of knee strikes till the towel was thrown in.
Next up, young Anoki prospect LYOTO beat Australian Sam Greco by judges decision 2-1. LYOTO remains undefeated in MMA, with Greco probably being the biggest name he's beaten so far.
Josh Barnett defeated Rene Rooze by KO in 2:15 of the 1st round.
In the much anticipated rematch, Supernova Shinsuke Nakamura scored his revenge on 'Red Scorpion' Alexey Ignashov with a guillotine choke 1:51 into the 2nd round. Nakamura totally dominated Ignashov and the live crowd were totally behind Nakamura!
In what was considered an even bigger upset, former IWGP heavyweight champion Kazuyuki Fujita totally destroyed current IWGP champion Bob Sapp by KO in 2:10 of round 1!
I hate to say it, but this looks like one K-1 show that even I have an interest to watch.

Taguchi scores his biggest win to date
Day 2 of the 2004 Best of Super Juniors tour saw Ryusuke Taguchi score a huge upset win over junior heavyweight veteran and current GHC Jr heavyweight champion Jushin Thunder Liger, pinning him in just 45 SECONDS with his trademark dropkick!
Anyone that can pin Liger in this day and age is cool in my book!

Grumpy Old Men win AJPW All Asia Tag Titles!
Genichiro Tenryu and Masanobu Fuchi beat The Great Kosuke and Shiryu to become the 76th All Asian tag team champions in 21:43 when Fuchi pinned Shiryu following his trademark backdrop suplex. This is the first title Fuchi has held in a DECADE and unlike most old-timers, he and Tenryu can keep up the workrate to deserve it!


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