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Monday, May 17, 2004

WWE Judgment Day results!

It's weird watching RAW Bytes before watching a SmackDown brand pay per view. On to the show!

Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam VS The Dudley Boys
- This was a really good opener. Lots of back and forth action, and some great team work by RVD & Mysterio. The Dudleys were even on form as they pulled a lot of old school heel tactics. RVD and Mysterio pick up the win when RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash following a double 619 by Mysterio to both Dudleys.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Interview with Booker T who claims he’s the biggest star on SmackDown and he’s gonna beat the Undertaker.
Luther pushes out a huge hooded contraption as GM Kurt Angle’s music plays. Angle than gets elevated up the top of the contraption! Cool stuff! Kurt berates the city of LA saying he hates LA and hopes they get the biggest earthquake in history after he leaves since they support Eddie Guerrero. He then calls out Torrie Wilson, blaming her for the shape he's in and ending his wrestling career. He issues an ultimatum that if she loses tonight, she’s fired!

Torrie Wilson VS Dawn Marie
- This wasn’t pretty but at least they tried hard. I can credit Dawn Marie as being an above average worker, but Torrie still needs to work on her timing. The highspot of the match was when Dawn’s tights actually snapped revealing her very thin undergarments which Tazz referred to as dental floss . Don’t know if it was part of the plan, but give Dawn credit for continuing and finishing the match. Torrie wins wit a rollup.
Match Rating: *1/2

Scotty 2 Hotty VS Mordecai
- You can tell Mordecai is tailor made to feud with the Undertaker. From the name, I was expecting somekind of red neck. Despite his holy man look, Mordecai wrestled very aggressively. They said Mordecai was green, but Scotty busted his lip open with a facebuster! Mordecai countered the WORM and finished off Scotty with a crucifix powerbomb (Razor’s Edge). For the record, I'd like to state that the best use of the evil preacher gimmick still goes to Waylon Mercy. Ya know whut I mean?
Match Rating: *1/2

Chavo Guerrero is with Chavo Classic who’s pulling up his pants in the locker room (???) when Jacqueline walks in and gives a present to Chavo. Turns out to be women’s lingerie and Jackie says if he’s gonna lose to a girl, he may as well dress like one. I’m surprised Chavo didn’t clock her right there.

Rico & Charlie Haas with Miss Jackie VS Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn – WWE Tag Team Titles
- Rico was surprisingly entertaining here with his comedic spots and Haas showed some great ring work. This match wasn’t anything really special though. Hass pinned Holly with a sunset flip after Rico superkicked Holly as he attempted the Alabama Slam on Haas.
Match Rating: **

Backstage with the Undertaker and Paul Bearer where Taker simply says Booker T will rest in peace.

Chavo Guerrero with Chavo Classic VS Jacqueline – WWE Cruiserweight Title
- Chavo has to wrestle with one arm tied around his back. Half way through, Chavo Classic unties Chavo’s arm and the cheating ensues leading to Chavo winning back the Cruiserweight title with a reverse Gory bomb. God I hope this angle is over and they bring in Paul London.
Match Rating: *

John Cena VS Rene Dupree – US Championship
- Cena actually doesn’t get to finish his rap as it’s interrupted by Dupree’s entrance. There were big expectations for this match and man did they deliver! This was probably the best match of the night up to this point. Great back and forth action and Dupree made one small mistake leading to Cena hitting the FU to retain the title. I hope this feud isn’t over as Dupree just walked off after the match despite the extended in ring celebration by Cena.
Match Rating: ****

Booker T VS The Undertaker
- Taker actually does a complete shot (flatliner) followed by a butterfly double arm lock submission! Booker escapes the Last Ride and bumps the referee before grabbing a handful of sand from his voodoo pouch and throwing it in Taker’s eyes. Booker looked really silly for trying a double sledge instead of his scissors kick finisher when Taker was bent over for such a long time getting the sand out of his eyes. They actually teased the finish and pulled the match longer. Taker almost loses Booker on a chokeslam, but recovers and scores the win with his trademark Tombstone piledriver.
Match Rating: ***

John Bradshaw Leyfield VS Eddie Guerrero – WWE Championship
- Watching the recap of the feud, I was wondering why John Cena never stepped up to JBL for not getting the Great American Award and the no.1 contendership? Then again, if that happened, we wouldn’t have gotten a great match with Dupree earlier in the night. And that really was a horrendous acting job by Eddie’s mom in the heart attack angle.
- Eddie takes control early as he unloaded on JBL. Bradshaw finally gets control and relies on some rest holds. Eddie comes back and sends JBL outside and tries to plancha JBL, but gets caught in mid-air and Bradshaw fall away slams him on the outside. JBL then backdrops Eddie onto the Spanish announce table. Bradshaw escapes the triple suplex, Eddie ducks the Clothesline From Hell and escapes a powerbomb before bumping the ref who was standing right behind him as he was gonna charge the ropes. Eddie sends JBL outside and tosses him into Cole n Tazz, but JBL whacks Eddie with a HUGE chair shot and starts bleeding like crazy! The insane blood gusher gets a ‘Holy Sh*t’ chant from the crowd! Back in the ring, Bradshaw nails the Clothesline From Hell but the referee is still out! Another ref finally runs in for the count and Eddie kicks out! JBL tries another Clothesline From Hell but Eddie ducks and JBL takes out the other ref! JBL immediately nails a big powerbomb and the original ref makes the count but Eddie kicks out again! Eddie counters a sleeper into a backdtop and then Hulks Up as Bradshaw pounds him!!! Bradshaw catches Eddie in mid air out of a cross body, but Eddie counters into a swinging DDT! There’s blood everywhere! Latino Heat goes up top but misses the Frog Splash. JBL rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and the title belt. He hides the title belt behind his back as the ref takes the chair. He tries to smack Eddie with the belt as the ref gets rid of the chair, but Eddie kicks him low and smacks him with the belt right in front of the referee causing a DQ!
Guerrero starts beating down Bradshaw and then whacks him 2 more times with the belt and busting him open. Eddie then smacks him hard with a steel chair. Bradshaw actually begs off Eddie! But Eddie whacks him with the chair AGAIN before going up top and hitting the Frog Splash! Referees pull JBL from the ring, but Eddie goes after him again before being pulled off by Arn Anderson and Fit Finley. Eddie, a bloody mess and barely standing, celebrates in the ring to end the show.
Match Rating: ***1/2
Unlike many of the internet critics, I had faith Bradshaw and Guerrero were gonna have a good match and they sure as hell did! Now I bet their all gonna moan and groan about how the DQ finish means theres gonna be a rematch, I seriously don’t mind and can’t wait for it!

Overall: As expected, the undercard was kinda shallow, but the hyped matches delivered some good action. Hopefully they continue the Cena/Dupree feud as they had the best match of the night and I’d really like to see more from them. Like I predicted, they’ve set up a rematch between Bradshaw and Guerrero, where there’s sure to be somekind of no-DQ gimmick, possibly a cage match? Either way, this pay per view at least made up for the lack of buildup, though I doubt the buy rate is any good.
PPV Rating: ***


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