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Saturday, May 15, 2004

WWE Judgement Day Predictions

I'll admit this is a VERY weak card for a pay per view, almost like the old days when just the main event was hyped and everything else was just thrown together. Wait a minute, that's what they did here! Anyway, on to my predictions.

Eddie Guerrero VS John Bradshaw Layfield – WWE World Title
- I’ll honestly admit I have a hard time picking a winner here. Whoever leaves as champion at the end of the night has no one else to feud with at this point except each other. Therefore, there is the possibility of Bradshaw winning the title only to lose it back to Eddie at the next PPV. Same applies if Eddie retains, there’s sure to be somekind of gimmicked rematch. So, on a long shot, I pick Guerrero to retain the title and finish the feud with Bradshaw at the next PPV. I don’t expect the match to be that bad either.

Charlie Haas & Rico VS Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn – Tag Team Championship
- Haas & Rico retain so the Dudleys can win it off them later. Hopefully Holly won’t hurt anyone.

John Cena VS Rene Dupree – US Championship
- This should be one of the more interesting matches of the night. I predict Cena to retain the title now, but lose it on SmackDown later in the week.

Jacqueline VS Chavo Guerrero – Cruiserweight Title
- Chavo Guerrero wins back the Cruiserweight title by hook or by crook. Please God, let it happen and this dumb storyline over with!

The Undertaker VS Booker T.
- Dead Man wins. No not Booker, The Undertaker! I’ll give the benefit of the doubt that Booker probably runs for it and gets counted out.

The Dudley Boyz VS Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio
- This should be fun at least. The Dudleys win to continue their heel run.

Torrie Wilson VS Dawn Marie
- Why are these two wrestling again? I thought the feud ended ages ago? Torrie wins a quick match.

Mordecai makes his debut
- Mordecai wins. You can’t seriously expect him to lose his debut on PPV do you?

NOAH 6/11/04 Korakuen Hall Card
The card for Pro Wrestling NOAH's big Tokyo Dome build up show at Korakuen Hall is out. The show is being booked by Tamon Honda and looks really good. Noticibly the card is an all single match series with a Junior VS Senior or established name gimmick. Also notable is that Mitsuharu Misawa and GHC Champion Kenta Kobashi will be on the sidelines for this one.

Tokyo Korakuen Hall
1. Kotaro Suzuki VS Kishin Kawabata
2. Makoto Hashi VS Takuma Sano
3. Takeshi Morishima VS Tsuyoshi Kikuchi
4. Takeshi Rikio VS Masao Inoue
5. Mohammed Yone VS Daisuke Ikeda
6. Ricky Marvin VS Takashi Sugiura
7. KENTA VS Jun Izumida
8. Yoshinobu Kanemaru VS Jun Akiyama
9. Naomichi Marufuji VS Tamon Honda

In other NOAH news, Jun Akiyama has announced future Global Hardcore Crown title defenses against Kishin Kawabata, Jun Izumuda and Masao Inoue. Geez, he sure dug out the big name contenders, didn't he?


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