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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Japanese Stars in WWE update

Joshi star Takako Inoue (pictured left below) is scheduled to work a dark match for WWE RAW on 17/5/04 in San Diego. I'm sure she'll do well as just about any Joshi star can easily outshine the WWE Divas when it comes to in ring talent, and Inoue is a 15-year veteran!

WWE also has signed Kenzo Suzuki's wife, Hiroko Suzuki (pictured right, above), to a contract to be a WWE Diva and the valet of Suzuki's Hirohito gimmick when he debuts later this month. This would make her the first contracted Japanese Diva in WWE. The way I see it, if Suzuki's character doesn't get him over, I can easily see Hiroko taking the spotlight while he wastes away on HEAT. I don't think Suzuki a very good wrestler anyway and based on his World War II gimmick, I don't see ANYONE on RAW that would make sense for him to feud with other than the Hurricane. At least Suzuki's dictator gimmick sounds alot better than his horrible Godfather gimmick in World Japan!


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