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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion

- I honestly only found one thing I consider wrong with the show, that being the whole Kane/Lita/Matt V.1 angle. I find it ridiculous this is what Kane has to revert too to become a monster again. Beating up smaller guys is something he's been doing for a long time already and it does get stale after awhile. This is something WWE has been doing alot of with Kane lately. First he's unstoppable, then he loses to a small guy, then he's unstoppable again till he loses to another small guy. Kane is a trooper for always having to be the big man that puts over the new faces or next generation big guys like A-Train or Batista. But more than half the new guys he puts over just never seem to get anywhere. I'd rather see them introduce John Heidenreich as the big man that stands up to Kane or have Kane do something to 'Little Johnny' to get a feud going between the two. WWE has been pushing for more 'realism' in their storylines, but in any real life situation, the cameraman would have helped untie Lita long before Matt found her. And I'll say it again, if Lita ends up backstabbing Matt to side with Kane, this whole angle will look really stupid!
- Raven already had his interview. And of all the other interviews he interupts, he attacks La Parka? The only guy wearing a mask? Then La Parka attacks Raven during his title match, costing him the title and unmasks conviniently to reveal Chris Harris? I'll bet diamonds to donts next week Raven attacks Harris, with Raven dressed up either as La Parka or Mortis! And it would all be too coincidental if La Parka never shows up again for awhile.
WWE SmackDown
I NEVER thought I'd see the day where theres more to complain about on SmackDown than RAW!
- Matt Cappotelli was all set to debut on SmackDown and win the cruiserweight title off Chavo as the mystery opponent. Then Bob Holly decides to stiff him and gave him a concussion. So naturally instead of bringing in Paul London, Akio, or any other of a handful of cruiserweights that Chavo has not defended the title against yet, Stephanie decides to put Jacqueline in the match instead and gives her the title win! WHAT THE HELL?!?
- Eddie Guerrero's mom has a heart-attack this close to Mother's Day. Another tastless angle. And what does it say about the two Chavos who still strut around SmackDown like nothing's happened to her while Eddie misses the show to be at her side?
- There's a PPV next week and so far we only have THREE matches for the show! Two months to build a PPV and this is all they can come up with for Judgement Day, where as RAW will be giving away what should be five awesome bouts on free TV, including a CAGE MATCH?!? Is it any wonder the PPV buyrates are down? They had better come up with something good for the mid-card next week, but it's already too late to salvage this PPV.


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