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Friday, May 14, 2004

Another thumbs up for RAW!!!

RAW was a very good show this week! Everything just seemed to work well and almost everything was logical and made sense. I wasn’t too fond of Lawler’s commentary at times, but if the heel commentator’s job is to annoy than he’s doing a good job of it. Here’s a brief rundown and my thoughts.

- Triple H beat Shelton Benjamin by DQ when Shawn Michaels ran in and attacked HHH. Couldn’t HBK have waited for the ref to get bumped to jump HHH so Shelton wouldn’t get disqualified? HHH escaped through the audience and HBK called him out to finish it tonight. Cue GM Bischoff who claimed he expected all hell to break loose this week and promptly makes an example out of HBK by suspending him. He gets security to escort HBK from the building, but HBK runs through the audience and gets some shots in on HBK before security finally catch him and escort him out.
- Batista beat Tajiri with a spinebuster. This wasn’t a total squash as Tajiri got some offense in on the big man. Story of the match was Batista working Tajiri’s back. Tajiri managed to counter Batista’s powerbomb into a cool DDT though. Post match, Batista severly beat down Tajiri and even choked the green mist out of him!
- Stacy Kiebler comes out next to plug the new Divas DVD till Gail Kim and Molly Holly interrupt, Gail claiming to not getting any mic time event though she made Women’s champ Victoria tap out last week (Good point!). They then accuse Stacy of saying she’s hotter than them and start putting the boots to her. Victoria comes in for the save but gets attacked by Jazz, who in turn brings in Nidia for the save, leading to a six woman tag later in the show.
- Randy Orton beat Edge to retain the Intercontinental title. Lawler had a real homosexual fascination with Orton’s good looks here. This match was good, but I felt it really exposed Orton’s limited move set.
Gail Kim, Molly Holly and Jazz beat Victoria, Stacy Kiebler and Nidia when Victoria tapped out to a Tequila Sunrise submission by Gail Kim. Gail even locked on a Indian Death Lock at the beginning of the match. Nidia really seemed limited in her mobility thanks to her ‘enhancements’, I hope they aren’t planning a Nidia/Jazz feud!
- I my recording of the show lost reception at this point due to bad weather, but from the net, I found out it was a segment where Trish pulled a prank on Lita followed by Kane beating up Val Venis and announcing he made some kind of proposition last week to Lita and is expecting an answer next week.
- Eugene beat Rob Conway in his debut match. Earlier, Bisch offered Regal a place back on the active roster if Eugene loses as he really doesn’t want Eugene around. The match itself was pretty good, though I’d like to see what Nick Dinsmore could do if he wasn’t confined to Spike Dudley’s old ECW gimmick. I liked what their doing with Regal too.
- Bischoff and Johnny Nitro come out and announce Trish VS Lita next week (can’t you just see a Kane run in a mile away?) and a 20 man battle royal to decide the next challenger for Chris Benoit’s World Championship at the next pay per view.
- Main event of the evening saw Chris Jericho beat Christian in a steel cage when Christian tapped out to the Walls of Jericho. This was a great match. Jericho almost escaped the cage at one point, but Tyson Tomko prevented hi from climbing down, so Jericho instead dove off the cage and hit a huge cross body block on Christian! Tomko eventually gets ejected from ring side, so Trish runs in only to get locked in the Walls of Jericho! And Christian being the true heel that he is opts to escape the cage instead of help her! Great work! Really good match!

Next week should be a good show as I’ve always been a mark for battle royals. I just hope they don’t go to a commercial break and half the ring is cleared when they come back. Check back later for my Judgment Day PPV predictions once the full card is announced.

He didn’t last as long as I thought he would…
Brian ‘Grand Master Sexay’ Christopher has been released by WWE AGAIN! Geez, you’d think that after being given a second chance he’d at least put a little effort into earning his keep? Instead he shows up late for house shows and acts like a big shot and now he’s out on his ass again. Nice going Sexay!


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