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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

RAW delivers again!

Once again WWE RAW put on a good show with 2 SOLID wrestling bouts!
The show kicked off with Shelton Benjamin, Tajiri and Edge defeating Evolution (Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton). This was just awesome and it was cool to see Tajiri in a match of this caliber. Tajiri was made to look really good here too as was everyone else, though I noticed they kept Batista & Benjamin out for most of it. Noticibly Ric Flair was nowhere to be seen tonight without any explanation from JR & King.
Vince McMahon then arrives and puts over the importance of the World Title main event.
Evolution complain to GM Bisch about their loss and Bisch make HHH VS Benjamin, Batista VS Tajiri and Orton VS Edge for the IC title next week!
Rob Conway beat the Hurricane with a hangman's swinging neckbreaker to set up his match with Eugene next week.
Kane SQUASHED Steven Richards in just 37 seconds! He immediately ran to the back after the match.
Hour two kicks off with Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. Y2J challenges the winner of the Benoit/Michaels Title match for a world title match next as it been far too long since he's had a title shot. DARN RIGHT! He then brings out his guest Matt Hardy Ver 1.0. Hardy calls out Lita to explain himself when she appears on the screen as Kane's hostage in the boiler room, and she screams for Hardy to save her since all the camera man obviously can't.
Hardy runs off leaving Y2J speachless till Christian, Trish & Tyson Tomko arrive which of course leads to the 3-on-1 beat down of Jericho.
Hardy finds Lita in the back and Kane seems to have dissappeared. He unties her and consoles her.
Gail Kim beat Victoria in a none-title bout next in a very good match. Gail scored the submission victory using KUDO/Kotaro Suzuki's flying head-scissors - armlock submission hold out of nowhere and Victoria had no choice but to tap out.
Next they air footage of Eugene training with William Regal and observed by Dr. Tom Prichard. Eugene seemed to be a fast learner and managed to counter everything Regal threw at him and even locked on the Regal Stretch near the end! Regal actually smiled saying Eugene is definately ready for Rob Conway next week.
GM Bischoff & Johnny Nitro came out and announced next week Chris Jericho and Christian would settle their differences in a 15-ft steel cage!
The main event was next and turned out to be an AWESOME contest compared to their last singles match. The crowd was even split between cheers and boos for both wrestlers. As expected, the ref gets bumped at the end and HBK scores Sweet Chin Music, only to have HHH run in and Pedigree HBK, giving Benoit the win.

Overall: I can say I'm not suprised by the ending of the main event, after all it is on FREE TV. And of course HHH still has to be the man the wins back the world title. But this was a really good show and did a good job of building next weeks show with FIVE matches already announced this week:
Triple H VS Shelton Benjamin pt3
Batista VS Tajiri
Randy Orton VS Edge - Intercontinental Title
Rob Conway VS Eugene
Chris Jericho VS Christian - Cage Match
I'm expecting the Cage match to also be a No.1 Contenders match to Benoit's world title, as well as a Women's Title match between Gail Kim and Victoria since Gail scored a big win over the champion this week.


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