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Friday, April 23, 2004

Spoiling The Illusion: Backlash Edition!

- Jerry 'The King' Lawler was off the charts annoying throughout the whole damn pay per view! I seriously wished I could have stuck my hand into the TV to bust his lip and shut him up!
- He scored a BIG win against Flair the previous night, and two big wins over Triple H for two weeks straight. So where was Shelton Benjamin?
- AGAIN with Lawler! Why the heck wouldn't Benoit want to soak in the adulation of his countrymen, you IDIOT?!? HE'S THE CHAMPION!!!
- Trust me. Sooner or later PPV buyrates are gonna take a serious dive when the fans figure out that every show following a PPV will have a rematch from the PPV on it that they could just watch for free.
- Geez. I when Kane said he would seek out a sacrifice and strike fear into the hearts of the masses, I didn't think he'd go back to his old ways of just interupting matches and chokeslamming innocents. Can't they think of something new for the Big Bald Machine?!?
- When Matt Hardy told Lita to "Get out of the ring", why didn't she? Especially since she was right next to the ropes?
- AND AGAIN WITH LAWLER! JR was right on the mark telling him how stupid he looked for saying he didn't see a thing when Triple H was choking Benoit during the main event.
- Again with the dumb 'championship changes hands on a DQ rule'.
WWE SmackDown
- Rico was jobbing left and right on RAW, and now he's a tag team champion with Charlie Haas?


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