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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

WWE Unforgiven 9/17/06

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Johnny Nitro [C] with Melina VS Jeff Hardy
LOL, so Jeff Hardy had an “un-discussed” three year absence from WWE?
Surprisingly, this was a really good match up until the lame finish. How many times can you say Jeff Hardy carried someone to a good match? Cause other than a missed corkscrew moonsault, he did NOTHING other than working on Hardy’s leg throughout the match, and he was sloppy in doing that too. Hardy took a really sick looking bump when Nitro dropkicked him off the top rope and he bounced off the ropes before almost landing on his head! This match just seemed to get better the longer it went, just too bad they couldn’t come up with a better finish than Melina hitting Hardy with her boot leading to Nitro making the pin. Nitro seriously needs to work on his ringwork, and it was good seeing the effort Hardy put into this with the time given to make it enjoyable.
Match Rating: ***

Jeff runs into his brother Matt backstage, and they are met by Lita in an impromptu Team Extreme reunion! Lita bad mouths both of them, calling Jeff a screw-up, and that Hardy can wrestle John Cena on Smackdown after Edge sends him packing tonight.

Umaga with Armando Alejandro Estrada VS Kane
Umaga did the Shining Wizard, and Kane did a belly-to-belly suplex! I remember someone saying these two had the potential to put on the worse match ever, but I thought they put on a great super-heavyweight brawl mixed in with some big power moves. I wasn’t big on the double-count out finish, and neither were the fans in attendance. But I guess it furthers the feud for another month.
Match Rating: **

Vince & Shane McMahon planning their strategy for tonight against DX while watching replays of them laying out HBK & HHH on RAW last week.

WWE Tag Team Titles: The Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny) VS The Highlanders
This was a really good tag match, even better the ones we usually see on WWE TV, and that’s a good thing. I’m not really sure whether it’s a bad thing for the Squad to retain after being on a long losing streak, but it means they get their heat back despite having to rely on their usual cheating tactics. The bad being that the gimmick is worn out by now and it’s probably time to break up the Squad already.
Having a longer match like this was also a good chance to see what the Highlanders could do, which was pretty good too. They definately have the in-ring ability once you look past the gimmick, and you got to know they still have a chance at the gold since once again the Squad cheated with Johnny hitting the Johnny-Go-Round on Rory leading to Mikey hitting a face jam for the pin.
Match Rating: **

Handicap Hell in the Cell Match: Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon & The Big Show VS Triple H & Shawn Michaels

Their using a new bigger Cell for this one, which is about 20ft higher, so don’t expect any bumps off the top of the cage for this one.
DX immediately hit a double low blow on Show to take him out before going right after the McMahons. They give Show another double low blow before HBK launches Shane into the cage from the apron which busts him open. HHH launches Vince into the cage while HBK rakes Shane’s face on the fence. Vince is also busted open now as DX continues the carnage. HHH grabs a screwdriver and digs it into Vince’s head!
Back in the ring, Big Show is back on his feet and saves Vince from a further beating, taking out HHH and catching HBK in mid-air before slamming him down. He sends both DX members out of the ring, and goes after them, but they retake the advantage sending show into the fence before slamming him into the steel steps. DX back in the ring and they work over the Macs again before the ECW champion gets back in the ring to take back the advantage. Shane takes HBK out of the ring with a big clothesline as Show works on HHH. Shane & Show double team HHH before Show chokeslams HHH than goes after HBK outside and gives him the alley-oop face first into the Cell!
They get a trash can out and Shane hits the Van-Terminator on HHH! A bloodied HBK is brought back into the ring and Show & Shane hold him up for Vince to throw punches at him. The McMahons beat on HHH outside the ring for a bit before Shane slingshots him off the steel steps into the Cell, splattering blood onto the camera! Back in the ring, Show hits the Vader-bomb on HBK, and Vince covers him but pulls him up at 2! Show hits the cobra-clutch backbreaker followed by the final cut legdrop. Vince pins HBK, but again pulls him up at 2! Big Show rebounds the ropes, but HHH pulls the ropes down sending Show out to the floor!
Triple takes downs the Macs and sets Vince up for the Pedigree, but Shane is able to muscle HHH up into a torture-rack neckbreaker! HBK takes out Shane with a big time enzuguiri, but Vince clobbers HBK with a clothesline. Vince suddenly wants Big Show to make HBK kiss his ass in the ring! He doesn’t see HHH though, who quickly clocks him before being taken out by Show. Vince holds HBK down and asks Show to splash him, but HBK kicks up and pulls Vince into the line of fire as Show crashes down on him! Show is in shock that he splashed the boss, and gets double tripped by DX before they yank him groin first into the corner post!
DX now double Shane, HBK hitting the flying forearm into the atomic drop, followed by HHH’s spinebuster. HBK goes up top while HHH wraps Shane’s head in a chair and HBK delivers the diving elbow drop! Shane is spitting up blood now! HBK tunes up the band for Sweet Chin Music, but Big Show pulls him out of the ring and drops HHH before bringing the steel steps into the ring and tries to hit HHH with it, but the Game hits him in the gut with chair before hammering Show’s head into the steps! HBK than hits Show with Sweet Chin Music and is left hanging over the ropes!
Vince gets to his feet and looks like he’ll go toe-to-toe with both DX, till they pull down Big Shows pants and give Vince the biggest Stinkface EVER! HHH grabs the sledgehammer from under ring and HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Vince, followed by HHH BREAKING the sledgehammer over Vince’s back! HHH covers Vince for the 3-count, ending the carnage!
There were boos for HBK (this is Toronto after all), but the crowd were well into DX here, and all 5-men put on a Hell of a performance here, well 4 of them at least since Vince wasn’t very active other than getting a face full of ass. Definitely living up to the brutality of past HIAC matches, and probably one of the better ones too.
Match Rating: ***1/2

A good video montage of the history of Trish Stratus in the WWE.

WWE Women’s Championship – Trish Stratus Retirement Match: Lita [C] VS Trish Stratus
Lita kicks Trish in the stomach and sends her into the corner, she charges in but Trish comes out with a big clothesline. Trish does the spinning headscissors sending Lita to the outside, and than dives off the apron with Air Canada on Lita. Lita tries to get back in the ring, but Lita gives her a Stratusphere off the ring steps! Back in the ring, Lita regains control and pounds away on Trish and chokes her on the ropes. Lita clamps on a sleeper and Trish tries to escape, but Lita yanks her by the hair slamming her head into the mat.
Lita looked to continue her offense, but Trish reverses her in the corner and wails away with kicks and chops, and a big corner splash! She tries for another, but eats an elbow. Lita goes up the second rope, but Trish tries to catch her for the Stratusphere again, but Lita pulls her up and they trade strikes on the top turnbuckle before both falling out to the floor! They get to their feet and battle back up the top turnbuckle, but Lita is able to flip Trish off the top and slam her into the ring.
Lita goes up top and misses the moonsault! Trish takes advantage and tries for Stratusfaction, but Lita counters tossing her over the top rope down to the floor. Lita tosses Trish back in the ring and covers her for a 2 count, and begins pounding on her out of frustration. Lita with a snap-suplex for another 2 count. She gives Trish a big kick in the stomach before choking her on the ropes. Trish bounds back with some big right hands, but Lita quickly counters an Irish-whip into a side-Russian legsweep, and floats over into the mount position to land more punches. Lita covers for another 2 count, and clamps on a sleeper. Trish manages to break free, and ducks a clothesline countering it with a neckbreaker. Both women struggle to their feet, and begin exchanging strikes with Trish winning out and whipping Lita into the corner. Trish charges in but runs right into an elbow. Lita mounts the second turnbuckle, but Trish catches her with the Stratusphere! Lita struggles to her feet and is met by a Chick Kick! Trish covers, but only gets a 2! Lita rakes Trish in the eyes as she picks her up, and tries for the snap-DDT, but Trish counters and again tries for Stratusfaction, but instead flips over and tries a sunset flip, but Lita drops down and tries to hold the ropes to steal the win! Luckily the referee sees it and doesn’t make the count, giving Trish the opening to bring down Lita with the sunset flip, but Trish rolls through onto her feet and clamps Lita in a Sharpshooter! The Canadian crowd went nuts as soon as she stepped her foot through to start the hold! Lita fights to get to the ropes, and almost makes it, but Trish drags her back to the center of the ring and applies more pressure, forcing Lita to finally tap out! NEW CHAMPION!
This was probably the greatest Women’s Title match in a LONG time, and something the division had been badly needing, just too bad it had to be the last match of one of the greatest modern day women’s wrestlers ever. Thank you, Trish!
Match Rating: ****1/2

Randy Orton VS Carlito

Great back and forth match, with a surprising finish as Orton caught Carlito in mid-air with the RKO for the win. There were actually Orton fans in the crowd tonight too, and Orton had his mouth busted open the hard way as Carlito landed his elbow on Orton’s mouth when hitting a springboard moonsault. Definitely a lot better than expected since both men had their working shoes on. It really wouldn’t hurt Orton to be motivated to work like this more often too, though you could probably argue that Carlito carried him a bit with his always impressive aerial offense. The finish where Orton caught Carlito out of mid-air with the RKO was a nice surprise too.
Match Rating: ***

Tables, Ladders & Chairs WWE Championship Match: Edge [C] VS John Cena

Cena knocks Edge down with a shoulder block three times in a row, and Edge responds by just slapping him! Cena takes down Edge and pounds him. Cena whips Edge to the ropes and tries a backdrop, but Edge neckbreakers him. They go too the outside and Edge tries to whack Cena with a chair, but misses and hits the corner post. Back in the ring, Cena hits a fisherman’s suplex, but misses a corner charge and Edge hits the Impaler DDT! Edge brings a pair of chairs into the ring and sets them up standing and tries to suplex Cena on them, but Cena counters and tries to suplex Edge on them, but Edge flips over, lands on his feet, and gives Cena a reverse DDT through the chairs!
Edge grabs a ladder now and tries to go for the belt but Cena knocks the ladder over, but Edge lands on his feet and quickly hits Cena with a clothesline. Edge then dropkicks a ladder into Cena’s face from the guardrail outside the ring! Edge tries to battering ram a ladder into Cena, but misses and Cena hiplocks him into the ladder! Cena tries to FU Edge out of the ring through 2 tables, but Edge lands on his feet on the apron and they trade strikes. Edge avoids getting knocked through the tables and goes up top, but Cena crotches him on the top. Cena sets up a table in the ring and attempts to superplex Edge through it! Edge fights it off and tries to sunset-flip powerbomb Cena through the table, but Cena holds on to the top just to take a regular Ligerbomb. They get to their feet and trade for a bit, and Edge tosses Cena into the corner and catches him coming out with a powerslam through the table!
Cena rolls out of the ring, and Edge uses a ladder in the corner as a ramp to dive out on Cena! Edge rolls Cena back in the ring than just hammers him with a chair. He sets up Cena for the Con-chairto now, but Cena trips him up with a leg sweep! Cena gives Edge a throwback on the chair as the champion gets to his feet! Cena now sets up Edge between a ladder and guillotines it before locking on the STFU with Edge between the ladder! Edge taps, but it doesn’t count! Back to their feet and Edge rams a ladder into Edge’s face! Cena than FUs the ladder onto Edge! Cena sets up the ladder and drops Edge with the spin-out powerbomb. He than goes up the ladder to deliver the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Jerry Lawler says he loves a good fist drop.
Cena sets up another table in the ring as Edge grabs a chair and whacks him with it! Edge puts Cena on the table and sets up another on top of him! Edge goes up top, but Cena recovers in time and clubs Edge off the top sending him out to the floor! Cena goes outside and grabs the giant ladder out from under the ring! Cena sets it up in the ring and tries to go for the title as the Canadian fans boo him. Edge meanwhile climbs up an adjacent ladder and spears him off the ladder! Edge now tries to go for the belt, but sees Cena getting to his feet. He dives down on Cena, but catches him in mid-air and tries for the FU, but Edge flips out onto the ladder, so Cena pulls him off and powerbombs him onto a standing ladder!
On the outside, Cena clocks Edge with a chair, than goes back into the ring to try to get the belt. Cena almost has the belt, but Lita runs in out of nowhere and tilts the ladder over, causing Cena to fall out of the ring through a table! Edge struggles back into the ring tries to go for the belt. Cena also struggles into the ring to intercept Edge. Lita than hits Cena with a chair, and the momentum sends Cena into the ladder, knocking it over and Edge falls out of the ring through a table! Lita is in shock, and Cena picks her up and gives her an FU! After thinking about it, Cena finally decides to go up top to get the belt. Edge somehow manages to get back into the ring and climb the ladder to intercept Cena. They trade punches on the top of the lader, but Cena picks up Edge and FUs him off the ladder through 2 tables! Cena looks down on Edge from the top of the ladder and claims back his WWE Championship to win the match!
Despite the victory, Cena is still serious and all business as he hugs his dad at ringside before walking off with his title.
How cannot respect Cena every time he puts on a performance like this is beyond me. These two put on a great TLC match complete with all the sick bumps you’d expect from a match like this, and I’d definitely rate this a Match of the Year contender.
Match Rating: ****1/2

Overall: Wow. See what happens when you build up all the matches over a good amount of time, than give them ample time to work it out in the ring? There wasn’t a single bad match on the card, save for maybe one bad finish non-finish in Kane/Umaga, they are most probably saving something for the finale of that one . This was easily one of the best overall pay per views of the year and definitely recommended.



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