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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

WWE SummerSlam 2006 results

Rey Mysterio VS Chavo Guerrero
Wow. Considering the bad blood that’s supposed to be between these two, you’d think it would be a little higher up the card? Than again considering the really bad build-up...
This was actually a really good back and forth cruiserweight match, with a mixed reaction for both men. Vickie Guerrero actually gets booed when she comes out to try to stop them from going at it, but ends up costing Rey the match as she accidentally shakes the ropes while Rey was up top, causing him to get crotched and leading to Chavo hitting the brainbuster followed by the frog splash for the win.
This would have probably been a lot better without the Vickie run in, but I guess it just helps extends the feud that will end with somekind of gimmick match.
Match Rating: ***

Edge & Lita confront King Booker & Queen Sharmell backstage, and egos collide as it ends with both champions making a wager: If Edge loses his title, he’ll kiss King Booker’s feet on Smackdown, and if Booker loses his title, He’ll go to RAW and be Edge’s servant for a day. Interesting…

ECW World Title: Sabu VS Big Show (C)
This is under Extreme Rules, and Sabu immediately takes advantage by tossing a chair right in Show’s face! This match was right up there with the other extreme world title matches on ECW weekly, with all sorts of sick bumps taken by both men! There was only one big blown spot when a table set up on the steps slipped out from under Sabu’s feet and he had to quickly reset the table before putting Show through it with a DDT, making the spot look really weak. But it was still a great match, just a bit short and a rather weak payoff to the long build up of Sabu chasing Show for the title.
Match Rating: **1/2

The WWE Divas pretend to give the 2006 Diva Search winner Layla the cold shoulder. But they admit to just be kidding her, but officially initiate her by giving her a cold shower and spanking her ass. Her top almost came off.

Randy Orton VS Hulk Hogan
The fanfare for Hogan didn’t come off as loud as I expected it to, but I’m guessing that’s due to the audio setup of the arena. Well, they say you’ve seen one Hogan match in this day and age, and you’ve seen ‘em all. Orton actually scored the pinfall with the RKO, but Hogan got a foot on the ropes, so the match continued with Hogan hulking up and going with the punch, boot, legdrop routine to get the win.
I really didn’t like that it took forever for Hogan to play up to the crowd before doing the legdrop. I was hoping Orton would have popped up to hit the RKO again since Hogan just took SO LONG to hit the finish. There wasn’t even a post match attack by Orton to get his heat back.
Match Rating: *

Melina meets Mick Foley backstage, and Foley is actually worried about the match tonight, and Melina is worried as well cause she only associates herself with winners, and Mick isn’t a winner if he loses tonight! I smell a swerve…

I Quit Match: Mick Foley VS Ric Flair
Wow, first we had a fun hardcore match for the ECW title, and now one Hell of a brutal, bloody I Quit death match! Barb-wire, thumbtacks and plunder, and blood everywhere! The only flaw with the match was probably the finish, as Melina got involved and tried to throw in the towel for Foley, but Flair wouldn’t allow it and looked like he was about to hit Melina with the barb-wire baseball bat before Foley called it quits to end the match. The way the match ended left the crowd rather silent, and a chorus of boos for Foley as he left the ring with Melina and the referee’s assistance. It was still fun while it lasted though.
Match Rating: ***

A quick look at the McMahon locker room where Vince & Shane are getting fired up, and Armando Alejandro Estrada is there with them too, ready to unleash Umaga.

World Heavyweight Title: King Booker (C) with Queen Sharmell VS Batista
A think the fans were actually backing Booker in this one since there was a small “same old sh*t” chant for Batista as well as some boos. Batista actually hit a Jackhamer for a near-fall, and a small “Goldberg” chant broke out for it! Batista wins by disqualification after Sharmell blatantly jumps him when he was going for the Batista-bomb. Batista shrugs off Sharmell and almost drops Booker on his head with the Batista-bomb before showing his disappointment at not being able to win back the title he never lost.
This one really plodded along at a rather slow pace and the two didn’t seem to click all that well in the ring either. Didn’t help that Batista looked like he was getting gassed and couldn’t pull out his power moves properly.
Match Rating: **

D-Generation X (Triple-H & Shawn Michaels) VS The McMahons (Vince & Shane)
Starts off with the McMahons sending out the Spirit Squad after DX, and they are easily disposed. They then send out Kennedy, Regal & Finlay from Smackdown, and they hold their own for a bit thanks to Finlay’s weapon, but they eventually get disposed, so the McMahons send out the biggest gun they have, the Big Show! Show beats down HBK as the 3 Smackdown guys beat down HHH. Show takes out HBK with a cobra-clutch backbreaker, followed by a legdrop. Show than chokeslams HHH through the ECW announce table as the McMahons finally get in the ring to start the match.
What follows is the McMahons dominating HBK while HHH is out on the outside. The McMahons actually hit the Demolition Decapitation Elbow, the Hart Attack clothesline and the Doomsday Device, all in a row, and HBK is STILL able to kick out! HHH eventually gets the hot tag and goes to town on the McMahons and HBK even gets a second wind. That all changes when Umaga stomps down the isle and takes out HBK with a kick, and gives HHH the Samoan Spike, but before he can do anymore damage, Kane comes out and the two monsters brawl to the back!
The McMahons regain control and set up HHH for the VanTerminator, but HBK jumps in literally out of nowhere to hit Shane in mid-air with Sweet Chin Music! HBK than slugs Vince and HHH whacks him with a trash can, HBK than hits him with Sweet Chin Music and HHH ends it with the Pedigree!
Overbooked as it was, it was definitely entertaining DX definitely had to earn this one.
Match Rating: ***1/2

WWE Championship: John Cena VS Edge (C) with Lita
Dang, these two put on an EXCELLENT match here! They built it up really nicely and did a great job building up the drama of Edge not being able to get himself disqualified or he’d lose the title! The finish was nicely done as well as Edge was about to clock Cena with the brass knucks, but Cena picked him up into the FU position. Lita than jumps in and Cena has both of them up for the FU! Lita gets slammed to the mat and as the referee checks on her, Edge clocks Cena from behind with the knucks and hides it in his trunks before pinning Cena to retain the title!
The match was the usual mixture of boos and cheers for both men, and looks like the feud is going to end at the next RAW PPV, Unforgiven next month.
Match Rating: ****

Overall: A really strong PPV despite the lousy build up of some of the matches. Nothing was really settled in most of the feuds, and looks like they will carry on for a few more months, which is either good or bad depending on how things have been going so far. You have to wonder how long WWE can survive on doing good monthly PPVs despite bad weekly TV.



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