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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

TNA No Surrender 9/24/2006

Pre-show Results
Bobby Roode beat Von Doring with the Pay Off.
“Jobber” chants throughout this one. If Bobby Roode is the “hottest free agent” in pro-wrestling, TNA really is an indy league. Doring looks like a better prospect than Roode, since he’s got a bit of a Brock Lesner look going for him. But no, we have Roode using 1970s like offense, and finishing off the guy with the rather overused spinning reverse neck breaker.
Match Rating: DUD

PPV Results

Eric Young beat A1 with the modified neck breaker.
There’s a guy in the front row wearing a NOAH shirt. There was a “Fire A1” chant in this one, there should have been a “Fire Bobby Roode” chant in the previous match too. I was surprised Young was actually able to hit his neckbreaker on big A1, but that was about it for this one.
Match Rating: 1/2*

WCW Flashback: We have an announcement that will change the face of pro-wrestling tonight! End flashback.

Jay Lethal beat Petey Williams with a school-boy rollup.
The X-Division is supposed to be the future of the business. Too bad their flushing it down the toilet with this crappy Jackass angle.
Match Rating: DUD

This PPV brought to you by SpyHunter. That’s right, a game featuring Dwayne “Don’t call me Rock anymore” Johnson. Even indirectly, they rely on ex-WWE talent.

3-Way No DQ, No Count Out Match: Abyss beat Brother Runt & Raven when he pinned Raven with the Black Hole Slam.
The mandatory TNA PPV garbage match. Great stuff from everyone involved. Runt barely hit the diving foot stomp off the entrance set on Abyss, but it was definitely a great spot. And kudos to Runt for taking the bump off the scaffold through 2 tables, to which one only broke. And for Christ’s sakes, give Abyss the world title already!
Match Rating: **1/2

8-Team Triple Chance Tag Team Battle Royal: America’s Most Wanted VS The Naturals VS The Paparazzis VS Shark Boy & Norman Smiley VS Kazarian & Maverick Matt VS Ron “The Truth” Killings & Lance Hoyt VS The Diamonds In The Rough VS The James Gang
The rules are regular battle royal rules, except you have to eliminate both team members to eliminate them from the match. Once 2 teams are left, it becomes a regular tag match.
- Elix Skipper eliminated Norman Smiley
- Lance Hoyt eliminated Elix Skipper with a big boot.
- Kazarian & Maverick Matt eliminated Lance Hoyt with a leg sweep/dropkick combo.
- Ron Killings eliminated Johnny Devine with a side kick.
- Alex Shelley eliminated Shark Boy – Shark Boy & Norman Smiley are eliminated from the match.
- Chris Harris eliminated Chase Stevens
- Ron Killings eliminated Maverick Matt
- Ron Killings eliminated David Young – Diamonds in the Rough are eliminatd from the match.
- Alex Shelley eliminated BG James & Ron Killings – Killings & Hoyt are eliminated from the match.
- Johnny Devine pulled the ropes down eliminated Kazarian – Kazarian & Maverick are eliminated from the match.
- Kip James eliminated Alex Shelley – The Paparazzis are eliminated from the match.
- Kip James eliminated James Storm
- Chris Harris eliminated Kip James – The James Gang are eliminated from the match. (Kip eliminated Harris, but the referees didn’t see it. All THREE of them).
- The Naturals beat America’s Most Wanted when Chase Stevens pinned James Storm with a roll-up out of the Eye of the Storm.
Match Rating: *1/2

X-Division Title: Senshi [C] pinned Chris Sabin with his feet on the ropes.
Lets hope TNA were paying attention when the fans started booing and chanting “This is STUPID!” when after having a solid looking match, Sabin’s Jackass crew tried their dumb Jackass tactics with a blow up doll.
Match Rating: * (Major point loss for the dumb booking)

Christian Cage beat Rhino with an Unprettier on a chair.
Never enjoy when they build up this big feud only to have one guy play the “not 100%” card in the match. Seriously, after beating Abyss, Cage can’t beat Rhino? And so much for Rhino’s push after all those Extreme Challenges, eh?
Match Rating: 1/2*

Ultimate-X Tag Title Match: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels beat LAX [C] to win the titles.

If you were expecting this to be match of the night, you were RIGHT! All four men busted their butts and lived up to the hype & brutality of the match. I think the only complaint I have is that it seemed rather short.
Match Rating: ***1/2

Fans Revenge Match: Samoa Joe beat Jeff Jarrett with the Muscle Buster.

Of course as you’d expect, Joe carried Jarrett here for all he’s worth. Definitely wasn’t the best Samoa Joe match in TNA, and the gimmick was all that great either since they only had 18 “select” fans at ringside to whip Jarrett.
Match Rating: **

And the big announcement is: KURT ANGLE is coming to TNA.

Overall: Jim Cornette guaranteed satisfaction at the beginning of the show to everyone watching the PPV. Well, I want my money back! You don’t sell a PPV with a “special announcement”, and you don’t put pointless matches on the card either like the two openers. They definitely should have given more time to the Ultimate X match, better had been listening to the live crowd’s reactions to the dumb Jackass stunt they tried to pull in the X-Division title match. Is Kurt Angle going to be the savior of TNA? Only if he doesn’t kill himself in the ring.



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