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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Osaka Pro News!

Some breaking Osaka Pro news:

1) Takehiro Murahama has officially left the company to become a freelancer!
It's not really a big surprise since he hasn't been doing anything major for the company since losing the OPW title to Daio QUALLT. It's also been reported before that he wasn't happy in OPro. Since he has a legit background in MMA, he definately has some worth in the Japanese scene. I'm not sure when or where he'll pop up to wrestle again, but I hope wherever he goes he'll be treated well.

2) Referee Matsui will be leaving at the end of the month!
This is a big shock since Matsui has been with the company since day one, and is the third man in the Ebessan/Kuishinbo Kamen matches that make them so much fun to watch. A referee with charisma and personality like this is hard to find and he'll definately be missed.
Ebessan/Kuishinbo matches will never be the same


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