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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

New GHC Tag Champs!

OK, so I'm a bit late posting this but I was waiting for the Jap news sites to post a pic or something of Williams & Scorpio winning the titles. Oh well. Full results of the show as well as some notes:

NOAH "The First Navigation" 1/23/05
Kobe World Hall
2,800 Fans

1. GHC Hardcore Openweight Title: Naomichi Marufuji beat Haruka Eigen (7:40) with the Shiranui (2nd defense).
2. Richard Slinger, SUWA & Ricky Marvin beat Makoto Hashi, Kotaro Suzuki & Mitsuo Momota (15:18) when Slinger used a cradle on Momota.
3. Akitoshi Saito beat Kishin Kawabata (11:53) with the Sickle of Death.
4. Akira Taue, Masao Inoue & Shiro Koshinaka beat Tamon Honda, KENTA & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi (15:07) when Inoue used an Argentine backbreaker on Kikuchi.
5. Takeshi Rikio, Takeshi Morishima & Mohammed Yone beat Rick Steiner, Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan (10:13) when Rikio used the Muso on Morgan.
6. Go Shiosaki Single Match Trial 7th: Kenta Kobashi beat Go Shiosaki (13:59) with a lariat.
7. Minoru Suzuki , Takuma Sano & Takashi Sugiura beat Jun Akiyama, Jun Izumida & Yoshinobu Kanemaru (14:40) when Suzuki pinned Izumida after using a sleeper hold.
8. GHC Tag Team Title: Scorpio & Doug Williams beat Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa (29:32) when Scorpio used the 450 splash on Ogawa to become the 9th champions.

The actual attendance number for the show was said to be more in the 1,000+ range. NOAH don't really do good business in the Kobe area, and the card really did nothing to help that. Hopefully the tag title change will help sway their minds that anything could happen at a NOAH show like the tag title change that I know NO ONE was expecting.

I was rather surprised that Scorpio and Doug Williams pulled off the upset against the near unbeatable Untouchables team of Misawa & Ogawa. Especially when you consider past teams like Ikeda/Yone, Taue/Sano and Marufuji/KENTA who couldn't get the job done.

I was also surprised that Marufuji retained his title against Eigen. At least he didn't beat him in three minutes like he originally planned to. Marufuji says now he's gonna dye the colour of the belt to his colours since white was Akiyama's colour. Doesn't he wear white too?

I probably wouldn't mind Minoru Suzuki wrestling more frequently in NOAH since I New Japan plan to cut down on using outsiders this year. They've been jobbing him out frequently also.


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