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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Spoiling The Illusion....as we head to the Rumble

The Blue Moon cometh, and so cometh the return of Spoiling The Illusion!

- Didn't you just know somebody was gonna interupt JR's big moment, cause Vince loves to embarass the poor guy? I was surprised that it was Triple H and not Muhammad Hassan (more on him later) though. Once again, Good Old JR gets beat down and no one comes out to make the save.... at least not until Stacy Kiebler was about to get Pedigreed. Guess everyone was hoping someone else would make the save or something. And how nice was it of Jerry Lawler to NOT run in to help JR like he did when Hassan & Daivari were beating him down?

- Sure, NOW Lawler condems Evolution's actions after singing them praises week after week and arguing with JR about their cheating tactics. Wouldn't surprise me if he was back rooting for them this weekend at the Rumble.

- Is it any more clear that WWE doesn't give a damn about the tag division when La Resistance win the belts for the umpteenth time, then proceed to get squashed by Batista in a handicap match after the big man was made to look vulnerable in his match with Viscera last week? I really would have preffered if they gave the belts to Christian & Tomko over La Resistance.

- Muhhamad Hassan wins his Royal Rumble qualifying match against Val Venis, but he already lost a previous qualifying match to Chris Jericho? But that was a house show so it "didn't happen". But La Resistance won the tag titles on the same show. I'm getting a headache...


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