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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Osaka Hurricane 2005 Card!

The full card for the annual Osaka Hurricane show has been released and it looks interesting to say the least. After a long absence, Super Demekin returns to challenge Big Boss MA-G-MA in the main event for the Osaka Pro Singles Title. I remember seeing these two have a good singles match before when BMM was under the Zeta Mandora gimmick, which was also one of the best matches on that show. Hopefully these two will deliver a solid performance.
Daio QUALLT & Black Buffalo will defend the OPro Tag Titles against the pair of Billy Ken Kid and Perro. The gimmick to the match is that if BKK & Perro lose, they will have to unmask! The dog boy has been improving his game in the past few months and is now a key member in the feud against the Kishiwada Gurentai faction. Can he and former OPro singles champ BKK bring home the gold?
A special attraction match features the return of Tsubasa from a long healing leg injury as he teams with NJPW Jr. ace Jushin Thunder Liger. Could Tsubasa possibily be a CTU prospect? Anyways, they take on the team of Super Delfin and X. I'm leaning towards X being Keiji Mutoh, since there was recent interest from Mutoh to work OPro.
The annual battle of the comedy Gods over the (Unoficial) World's No.1 Title will pit eternal rivals / best friends Ebessan and Kuishinbo Kamen against each other. Will be interesting to see if they come up with any new material, but it's guaranteed to be hilarious.
Another title match for the MWF Jr. Title will see Mexico's Oriental defend the title against Kabuto Daio Beetle. I don't really know much about either man, but Oriental seems to be heavilly praised for his past OPro work.
The rest of the undercard will have handicap match as Tigers Mask takes on Histeria & Kendo Kobayashi (a TV celebrity), a tag match featuring Viewtiful Joe (Gamma?) & Takaku Fuke VS Azteca (Pro Wrestling KAGEKI) & Densen Man, and YUTAKA will face La Uchida in the opener.
I'm hoping they announce who X is before the show, cause a confirmed Keiji Mutoh participation would really help ticket sales if they aren't doing well. And noticibly absent from the card is GOA, Tortuga, Takehiro Murahama and any joshi participation. Murahama is said to be training for a K-1 fight, and It's possible that the first two could be working under a different gimmick for the night though.

Osaka Pro "OSAKA HURRICANE 2005", 2/13/05
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

1. YUTAKA VS La Uchida
2. Viewtiful Joe & Takaku Fuke VS Azteca & Densen Man
3. Handicap Match: Tigers Mask VS Histeria & Kendo Kobayashi
4. MWF Jr. Heavyweight Title: Oriental (c) VS Kabuto Daio Beetle
5. World's No.1 Title: Ebessan VS Kuishinbo Kamen
6. Tsubasa Return Match: Super Delfin & X VS Jushin Thunder Liger & Tsubasa
7. Osaka Pro Tag Team Title: Daio QUALLT & Black Buffalo (c) VS Billy Ken Kid & Perro
8. Osaka Pro Singles Title: Big Boss MA-G-MA (c) VS Super Demekin


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