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Sunday, January 16, 2005

All Japan 1/16/05 results

All Japan's latest supercard is done, with some good results. Firstly, Toshiaki Kawada overcame the challenge of Kensuke Sasaki to retain the Triple Crown for a record V10 defense. Kawada was then challenged by Kojima after the match, to which Kojima surprisingly received a round of boos for his challenge from the crowd. Maybe cause it took him longer to beat Kohei Suwama then Ebessan took to beat NOSAWA?
The semi-main event saw the tag titles come back to AJPW after a six months absence. Taiyo Kea & Jamal beat the New Japan duo of Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yutaka Yoshie to win the titles. Post match, Tanahashi challenged Keiji Mutoh to a singles match, and the match is now set to take place on 2/16 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium #2!
TARU & Johnny Stamboli also continue to make waves as they defeated Mutoh & Tomoaki Honma. The name of their team is now called the Budo Murders. Weird? Yeah.
It was rumoured Aagan Iisou would show up, but that didn't happen. Hopefully they turn up somewhere soon.

AJPW, 1/16/05 (GAORA TV/TV Tokyo)
Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

1. Masanobu Fuchi & Akira Raijin beat Nobutaka Araya & Nobukazu Hirai (6:32) when Fuchi used an inside cradle on Araya.
2. Ebessan beat NOSAWA Rongai (8:21).
3. Love Machine Arashi & Mini Love Machine beat TAKA Michinoku & MAZADA (8:14) when Mini used an avalanche DDT on MAZADA.
4. Toshizo & Katsuhiko Nakajima beat Taichi Ishikari & Kaz Hayashi (13:06) when Toshizo used a flying crossarmbreaker on Ishikari.
5. TARU & Johnny Stamboli beat Keiji Muto & Tomoaki Honma (13:06) when TARU used the TARU Driller on Honma.
6. Kohei Suwama Trial Series 2nd: Satoshi Kojima beat Kohei Suwama (14:03) with a lariat.
7. AJPW World Tag Team Title: Taiyo Kea & Jamal beat Hiroshi Tanahashi & Yutaka Yoshie (27:15) when Jamal used the flying body splash on Yoshie (Jamal & Kea become 51st champions).
8. Triple Crown: Toshiaki Kawada (c) beat Kensuke Sasaki (23:27) with a face kick (10th defense).


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